If Chakotay were a real Indian, wouldn't he have scalped Captain Janeway by now? Book Summary and Study Guide

Chakotay is supposed to be an American Indian on the show, and yet we haven't seen him do anything Indian-ish in a long time. In the first season he was going on visionquests, talking to his animal guides, and fingering his tattoo. Now he does none of those things, just sitting around like Riker on tranquilizers. When they were trapped on the volcano planet in "Basics Part II", Chakotay couldn't start a fire or use a bow and arrow. If he were a real Indian, don't you think he could've built a teepee, or done a rain dance, or planted some corn, or something? How come he never even puts on war paint when they go to red alert? At this point, how is he any different from Riker, minus the beard? Note: the views expressed here are only those of the reviewer(s).
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