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Charity Dunmore is on the verge of death when she is saved by the one Breed male that wants her dead the most...her mate. After Breeds descended upon the world people learned of the horrors and cruelties forced upon them in the wake of their creation. Being a combination of both human and animal DNA, Breed men and women were subjected to physical, sexual, mental and emotional torments the likes of which most people are lucky enough to never face. Aiden found himself on the receiving end of many such evils in the guise of “training,” but vowed never to become a slave to the Council that created him again since his escape six years ago. An escape that happened merely a day after the woman he hates the most, Charity Dunmore, a scientist at the labs he was held, gave him a blow job to get him ready to have sex with the newest female they had drugged up and readied for him. He would never forgive her for finally making him have a physical reaction to his arousal instead of letting the scientists kill him for failure to perform. Little did he know she was saving his life.
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Charity had done what she had to all those years ago in the Council labs where she worked. She had done a sexual act on an ungrateful Breed male that she cared for to save his life. He hated her for it, she knew it by the look in his eyes as his begged her not to do what she did, but she had to keep him alive just long enough for him to escape with the rest of them. Unfortunately, helping Aiden live had cost her. She has been in a constant state of severe arousal, intensifying and ebbing in cycles, and after years of keeping the secret and maintaining her flow of information to outside Breed sympathizers, the Council finally caught on. Once they could prove she was helping the Breeds and had gone into the mating heat they had been studying for natural conception with Breed males and females, as well as humans, they captured her and began their tests. They drugged her, took blood, attempted to impregnate her, and studied every change her body that had started with the release of Aiden's sperm in her mouth that she'd had to swallow to hide the canine-like knot that had appeared in the middle of his penis.

One final test came in the form of an incision in her midsection and an injection of hormone straight to her ovaries. She was bleeding fiercely from the procedure when the explosions started signaling her chance to escape. The Breeds were being rescued and Charity used that to escape the facility into the nearby jungle, but her blood loss and other injuries, along with her continuously increasing arousal had her collapsing and crawling for freedom. In the jungle is where Aiden finds her and figures out she is dying. Not willing to let the person he intends to torture and possibly kill that easy a death, he brings her back to camp where the doctors use his blood to transfuse Charity and save her life. When she is well enough to travel, Aiden has her brought back to one of the cabins at the compound. When she wakes, he makes it clear he is unhappy that they are mated, and has no intention of being nice about their need for each other.

Charity blames the injections the Council gave her for not only her state of arousal, but the fact that she is “mated” to Aiden. She claims that once the drugs are out of her system, she and Aiden will go their separate ways. Aiden obviously balks at this, and he and Charity spar it out verbally over the next couple of days as she heals. Once she feels well enough, Charity calls upon the newest Breed scientist/doctor, Dr. Armani, to do the tests she knows need to be conducted to monitor her body's changes and how close she is to conception. After an examination that is excruciatingly painful for Charity as she cannot stand to be touched by anyone but Aiden at the moment, Armani determines that Charity is in the final stages of ovulation and it's only a matter of time before her body releases an egg that will work with Aiden's sperm. Aiden begin to care for Charity's well-being more and more as time goes by, especially as he learns more about her help within the Council to thwart their efforts, and the number of Breed escapes she helped organize.

Charity has a hard time accepting that she loves Aiden, but a coordinated attack that destroys the cabins of the three mated couples tells Aiden and his fellow Breeds that they have a leak. They assume the leak is within the humans they are allowing to help within the compound, but don't yet know how to flush them out. Unfortunately during the attack, local Coyote Breeds that escaped the Council's tyranny are waiting and seize the opportunity to kidnap Charity and Armani, leaving a note for Aiden where to find them. The leader of the Coyote pack that takes Charity and Armani is known as Del-Rey, and he claims that he had gone through the proper channels to contact the Breed compound and gain aid or information, but his requests were ignored.

Del-Rey reveals he has no intention of hurting the women, but needs their help in treating a female in their care. The female's name is Anya and as soon as Charity and Armani see her they recognize the systems of Breed mating heat. They accuse Del-Rey of being with her and he acknowledges, but claims he did not rape her. They explain quickly about what Anya is going through and why, when Aiden and the rest of the enforcers show up to take the females back. After talking with Del-Rey, Aiden agrees to help the Coyote pack and then tends to Charity's arousal. They finally admit that they love each other, and believe that Charity is possibly already conceiving.

After they get back to the compound it is revealed who the spy is. It turns out to be a human female working in communications that is also the daughter of the Mayor of the nearby town that has been helping them. When they take the female, Jessica, into interrogation she doesn't deny their accusations and claims to understand that her betrayal equaled death under the contract she signed when she came to work for them. She accepts her fate with regret in her eyes, and their fellow Breed Hawke looks on in sorrow as well since he realizes she is his mate.
Best part of story, including ending: I dislike AIden's adamant refusal to believe that Charity had good intentions behind her actions, regardless of the prove that was presented to him, for quite a bit of the story. It was quite obvious that she had gone through quite a bit of hell herself when he found her, and she was his mate.

Best scene in story: I think the scene I liked best was when Armani and Charity are chastising Del-Rey for his treatment of Anya, and making sarcastic remarks about him now being mated because they think he may have forced the girl. He is quick to come back with your typical not ready for a relationship, male comments.

Opinion about the main character: I dislike Aiden's initial treatment of Charity. Though he never intentionally hurts her physically, he is so angry and adamant that she suffer for what he feels was a betrayal that he does not listen to reason for quite a while.

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