Armies of Light and Dark Book Review Book Summary and Study Guide

Normally, I don't have much faith in novelizations based on TV series; the most recent Star Trek novels, for example, have been simply dreadful.
    Thus it was to my pleasant surprise to read Armies of Light and Dark, focusing on the efforts of Vir Cotto ("Flounder" from Animal House) to set up a resistance to the Drahk control of Centauri Prime. While you might not think that reading a book with the timid Vir as the main character would be entertaining, when you mix in some Technomages who treat him somewhere between a valued ally and a pet dog it does become amusing. Londo also makes frequent appearance with diary entries where he disparages everyone around him in that classic Londo way.
    During the course of events Vir & Co. invade a Shadow Base, and uncover some elements of Shadow control on Centauri Prime. While it's clearly part of a series, there's a fair amount of self-contained action and storyline in this book which makes reading it worthwhile.
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