Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari's best moment Book Review Summary

Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari had a number of best moments
1) When Ambassador Londo Mollari poisoned Lord Refa "You would have done it to me… I got there first"

2) When Ambassador Londo Mollari had Mr. Morden killed, zapped his spider escords, and blew up the Shadow base.
Morden: "You're insane!"
Ambassador Londo Mollari: "On any other day you'd be incorrect…"

3) Undoubtedly Ambassador Londo Mollari's very best moment was when he arranged to have Lord Rifa killed by the Narns. That was a very clever episode, where he purposely fed Vir Cotto misinformation in the hopes of having it leaked to Refa. When Vir worried that he could've been killed, Ambassador Londo Molari said, "Nonsense! You aren't important enough to kill!" And then Refa was killed while a peace choir was ongoing, which was most ironic.
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