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This is the second installment of The Mortal Instruments series. After rescuing her mother, Clary now has to learn both her powers and more of Valentine's plot.
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A young warlock, Elias, summons the senior demon Agramon, for a fee and completely unaware of what he's capable of. Valentine watches as he perishes and establishes a bond with Agramon. The reason for this is due to the Mortal Cup in his possession.

Meanwhile, Maryse brings her children and Jace into a room to scold them for their actions. Later, Jace runs away after a disagreement with Maryse and Isabelle goes to Clary to see if he's with her.

Jace went to The Moon, a bar where mostly werewolves congregate. Maia, a werewolf, talks to an obnoxious Jace. He fights with Bat, who is stopped by the bartender. Then, a body is discovered in the alley and identified as a young child named Joseph. Bat and Jace resume their fight and are stopped by Luke. He takes Jace to Pete's office.

On the other hand, Clary and Simon (still in a relationship) are contacted by Luke and go to The Moon. They get into a discussion of why Jace acted out. They conclude that Maryse should be approached by both Jace and Luke to inquire about her accusation of Jace working with Valentine. Simon and Maia meet.

After speaking with Maryse, they learn Inquistor is coming for Jace she was trying to protect him. Jace says he'll meet the Inquistor. He's sentenced to jail in the Silent City, otherwise known as the City of Bones.

Meanwhile, Luke gives Clary her mother's stele.

In the Silent City, Valentine kills a few of the silent brothers and speaks to Jace about joining his side. Jace refuses and Valentine takes the Mortal Sword. The other teens go to save Jace after realizing something was wrong. After saving him, they encounter Shadowhunters at the entrance.
Jace needs healing and Magnus appears to help, agreeing to take Jace as prisoner while investigation is conducted on him.

The following night, Clary dreams of her mom, who teaches her a new Rune. The next day, the teens visit Jace and discuss what happened. They conclude, due to the murders of Downworlders, that Valentine's forming a demon army that can be controlled with the Mortal Instruments.
Meanwhile, the Queen of the Seelie Court requested an audience since one of theirs was murdered. Simon, Jace, Isabella and Clary go, leaving Alec with Magnus. Hints of their relationship are dropped.

After landing in the Court, Jace warns everyone not to eat or drink anything. He speaks with the Queen. Clary was tricked into drinking a drop of wine and now belongs to the Faeries. She's told she has a gift of words and is allowed to go if she kisses who she most desires. Simon thinks it's him but Jace was the one. Simon leaves, angry and Clary's confused about her feelings since Jace is her brother.

Everyone returns to the Institute and later, Raphael comes with a nearly dead Simon. Simon then turns into a vampire.

Later, Maia's attacked by a demon and brought to Luke's home. There, Simon and Maia get into a fight due to their bloodlines. They are stopped by Jace, Alec and Magnus. Shortly after, Luke is attacked by a demon. After saving Luke and fighting the demon, Jace reveals Alec and Magnus are dating. The latter two get into a disagreement since Alec does not want to admit he is gay and still isn't over his crush on Jace.

In the night, Jace finds Valentine's boat and is knocked out. After waking, he and Valentine talk about motives and Valentine promises not to hurt Jace's friends or family.

Jace says he's made a decision about joining Valentine.

At Luke's house, everyone, including the returned Jace, talk about hidden powers, revealing Clary's power of rune creation. She tests the fearlessness rune on Alec, who almost comes out to his visiting parents and Inquistor but Magnus stops him.

Inquitor takes Jace away after she reveals he spoke with Valentine. Maia, who's staying in another room, leaves secretly but is taken by Valentine. Simon's also taken.

In the Institute, Inquisitor tells Jace about her plan to trade him for the Mortal Instruments. Jace tells her it isn't going to work. She leaves and he's visited by Alec and they speak about her son, Stephan. Jace escapes.

On the boat, Valentine starts the Ritual.

Luke, Clary, Jace and Magnus form a rescue team and when Luke and Magnus walk away, Clary and Jace mark themselves with the fearless rune.
At the Institute, Valentine sends a shadow of himself and tells the Inquistor that he doesn't care for Jace in comparison to this army and that Jace rejected his invitation of joining.

Near the boat, Clary's taken by a demon to the boat and Jace and Luke go after her, leaving Magnus to take the protection spells off. They are attacked by demons and Shadowhunters manage to get onto the boat and assist with the fight.

The Inquistor and Jace have a moment, when she realizes something about his identity. She's killed before having time to explain and Alec's knocked into the water. He's saved by Magnus and Alec gives his strength to Magnus, who's tiring quickly.

On the boat, Jace kills Agramon and finds Simon and lets him drink his blood. They look for Clary and Valentine. After they come together and fight, Clary manages to open a portal and let black water rushes into their dimension. Valentine disappears into the portal and Clary faints.

After waking, Jace tells Clary that the Nixies from the Seelie Court helped the Shadowhunters so they wouldn't drown and most of the demons died.
When the sun rises, everyone realises Simon is going to die but shockingly, he is able to tolerate the sun. At the Institute, Maryse convinces Jace to stay since she admits he was the first child she ever loved.

In the Epilogue, Raphael's frustrated with Simon's ability to roam in the sun. Jace and Clary agree to be proper siblings and Clary talks to Luke about his feelings for her mother. In Jocelyn's hospital room, someone named Madeleine waits for Clary. She says she's able to wake Jocelyn up from her self induced coma.
Best part of story, including ending: We learn that there is more happening now and happened in the past than what was revealed in the first book.

Best scene in story: When Alec is about to tell his parents about his sexuality and Magnus while under a spell, Magnus stops it despite wanting Alec to be true to himself. It shows that he loves Alec enough to put his situation before his own.

Opinion about the main character: Clary keeps surprising everyone with her skills, even though she recently became aware of her skills. She learns quickly.

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Plot & Themes

Composition of Book Descript. of chases or violence 30%planning/preparing, gather info, debate puzzles/motives 10%Feelings, relationships, character bio/development 50%Descript. of society, phenomena (tech), places 10% Tone of book    -   suspenseful (sophisticated fear) FANTASY or SCIENCE FICTION?    -   fantasy story on current Earth Magical Beings/Mental/Magical/Powers    -   Yes magical powers:    -   angels or other afterlife Is this an adult or child's book?    -   Kid's book (ages 7-14)

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