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A girl who didn't believe there was anything other than being a human.
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Nora Grey is a typical teenager, up until just a few nights ago. Now she is a nephilim. Who is dating a fallen angel. nephilim and fallen angels are supposed to be each others enemies. So Nora and Patch have to hide their relationship from both the nephilim and the fallen angels.

Normally Nora would have went on about her everyday life having a secret relationship with Patch, but now, Nora has the take over Hank Miller's nephilim army. Hank is Nora's nephilim father, who happens to have been murdered, by her. But the morning of the murder Hank made Nora take an oath that if he died she would run his army.

Nora was not born a nephilim, she was actually sworn in by the oath to Hank and also by the converting spell. That means that she is now full nephilim thanks to Hank. But at the same time Nora has made a promise to the fallen angels. The promise to the fallen angels was to make sure the war was to happen. While the nephilim actually want it to happen.

Nephilim can speak to nephilim or fallen angels through mind-speak. That means that if Nora does not want to have an open conversation in front of anyone all she has to do is speak in whom ever's mind she is wanting to talk to. So when Nora decides to go out with her friend Vee for the night. She runs into another nephilim. Who's name is Dante. Dante was actually Hank's first lieutenant, so now that Hank is gone, he is Nora's.

Nora excuses her self from Vee and heads outside to meet Dante. Dante tells Nora that the nephilim people do not trust her one bit. That they are hearing that she is dating a fallen angel, so to stop the rumors going around she needs to pretend she is dating another nephilim. So that the nephilim people will begin to trust her and she can lead the army that she swore an oath to lead.

As Dante is saying this Nora wishes that she hadn't killed Hank because she didn't want to lead this army into war. But she had killed Hank because he tried to burn patches feather, which would chain him in limbo. But now that she had, she had no choice in the matter. Because even though Hank was gone, if she broke her oath, not only would her life end but so would her mothers.

Vee came outside looking for Nora and meets Dante. Vee convenience Dante to come back into the club with them for a while. So he agrees but he tells Nora in mind-speak that the conversation isn't over. An hour into returning into the club Vee is not ready to head home so Dante offers to take Vee home for Nora, so that Nora can go home and sleep.

So when Nora goes home she checks her messages on her phone and notices that she has a missed call from Marcie Miller. Marcie is not only her half sister by blood, but also an arch- nemesis. But she decides to not even bother calling her back but heads to bed.

The next day Nora meets with Dante and he tells her that she needs training. Because if she is to lead the nephilim army, then she needs to know what her abilities were. He tells her that she is going to need better tennis shoes, because the ones she currently has will not last a day. So they decide that the next day would be training day for Nora.

The next morning at 4 a.m. Nora leaves the house and goes to Pete's locker room and buys cross-trainer tennis shoes. But as she is headed back to her car and on the phone with Patch, Nora gets attacked from behind and thrown into a van with her head covered. When they get to the log cabin, that is in the middle of no where, she realizes that the people that have kidnapped her are nephilim. But there are two females and two males.

Nora has no idea why they have kidnapped her, but she knows that the nephilim do not trust her anyways. So she really isn't all that surprised. But they ask her were her loyalties lie. Because they know she is dating a fallen angel, but is to also lead Hank's army. Nora has actually not figured out what she is going to do just yet, but tells them that she is going to lead Hank's army.

After they leave her in the cabin, Patch shows up and Nora can't figure out how he knows where she was. But he tells her that her phone had a tracking device in it, along with the jean jacket she is wearing. Nora isn't sure how to take the news, but she knows that she can't really worry about that at that point.

So Patch takes Nora back to his place and while there Nora decides that instead of leading the army to the fallen angels she is going to find a way to make peace between the two instead. After leaving Patches place Nora goes to Vee's place and decides that she will go out with Vee for the night.

While out with Vee at the club, she notices Marcie is flirting with a guy that Vee likes named Scott, who is also a nephilim. Vee notices as well and asks Nora to get Marcie away from Scott. So Nora goes up to Marcie to get her to back off Scott, when Marcie asks Nora to talk out back in the ally way. While out there Marcie asks Nora is the cramps and agitation are normal for nephilim because she is worried about it. Nora tells her that it is probably nothing. Knowing that it could mean Marcie is going to die soon.

If you are born from two full blood nephilim parents, your likely hood of living long is very slim chance. But Nora isn't going to tell Marcie any of that. But the one thing that Nora was not expecting was Marcie to just agree to what she said and then tell her that later in the week she will be moving in with Nora.

The next morning is Sunday and Nora decides that she is going to sleep in. But Dante shows up right at 4 a.m. for training. After the training Nora and Patch decide that it is a good idea to stage a break up fight between them, so that everyone at the club will actually believe that Patch and Nora broke up.

So later that night, while Nora is at the club with Vee again, Nora sits at the bar waiting for Patch to show up so they can stage the fight. After the fight has taken place Nora goes to sit with Vee and while they are hanging out Nora feels the club door open and sees a bunch of fallen angels come in. When they come in everyone in the club starts running as fast as they can for the back exit, because the fallen angels are destroying the club and hurting people along the way.

After she escapes the club she ends up going home for the night, only to be woken up at 4 in the morning again by Dante for training before classes start at 8 in the morning. While out training with Dante she finds out that if Nora does not succeed in making sure her place in the army is leader he dies as well. After training with Dante Nora goes home to get ready for classes. But while getting ready Nora is worried about Patch because she hasn't heard from him all night.

But as Nora is sitting in classes she gets a text from Patch saying that she needs to meet him at the boat dock right then. Which seems a little out of the ordinary, but since she is so worried about Patch she leaves school anyways to go see him at the boat dock. Only to realize that it is a fallen angel, who has taken Patches phone. The fallen angles name is Pepper and he is looking for Patch. But Nora does not trust Pepper because something just doesn't seem right.

Pepper tells Nora that he is going to kidnap her and that way Patch will come to him to get her back. But Nora ends up escaping Pepper. But while she was able to escape from him, she notices that she is just as strong and as fast as a fallen angel, which normally wouldn't be possible, except that this morning Dante had given her a drink that she thought was gaterade, but realized that it wasn't.

So Nora calls Dante and tells him that she wants to meet because she had questions that he needed to answer. So they decide to meet at the roller rink. Nora finds out that the drink Dante gave her is enchanted to make any nephilim as powerful as a fallen angel, so that when war comes they can have equal power. While Nora is talking to Dante he tells her that she needs to make a decision. Either she picks the nephilim or Patch. But she can not choose both. Nora tells Dante she chooses nephilim and that she will not tell Patch about the enchanted drink.

But after the meeting with Dante, Nora goes to Patches place and tells Patch that she told Dante she chose the nephilim. Nora also tells Patch about the enchanted drink. Now Patch wants to find out who is behind making the enchanted drinks, so Nora says that she will find out from Dante tomorrow morning when Dante does training with her.

The next morning at exactly 4 in the morning, Nora is out training with Dante. But the training was not physical related. The training was teaching Nora to do mind-tricks. At first Nora doesn't do so well, but when she thinks of being in his mind and making him think he is being blown up and bombs are going off everywhere, Dante is shaken up. He has never known anyone that is that strong to be able to do mind-tricks like that.

On the break from the training Nora asks Dante about who is actually behind making the enchanted drink and she finds out that a guy named Blakely, who happens to be Hank's enchanter of objects, is making the drinks. On her way back from training, Nora notices boxes sitting on the front porch and remembers that Marcie is moving in with her. As Nora gets to the house and goes in she sees her mom sitting with Marcie in the kitchen and tells Nora that she is moving in. Nora is in shock because she figured her mother would not agree to have Marcie, who is by another woman of Hank's move in. But her mom tells her that she is family and family takes care of family.

So when Nora is ready to go to school she is standing at her vehicle and she asks Marcie why she is really there and asks Marcie about Blakely. Nora learns that Blakely goes to every home game that the high school has and that the quarter back on the football team is actually Blakely's little brother.

After school Nora decides to go see Patch and tell him everything that she has found out from Dante and from Marcie. They devise a plan to catch up to Blakely at the game. But Nora has to take Marcie with them because Marcie knows what Blakely looks like and because Nora told Marcie that she is going to see if Blakely killed Hank.

Later on that night they all head to the football game, Nora and Marcie are walking around the track they notice that there are three guys standing outside the football field behind the fence. Nora asks Marcie if one of them is Blakely and she says yes. But before Nora can get a hold of patch, Marcie is taking off towards the fence asking Blakely if he killed her father. Blakely takes off.

When Blakely takes off Marcie and Nora take off after him. Nora can feel Blakely and then he seems to have disappeared. As Nora gets to Marcie she can't find Blakely. But as she gets to Marcie she realizes that Blakely has taken over Marcie's body. As Patch nears Marcie and Nora, Marcie grabs a hold of Nora and puts a knife that is shinning blue. Nora realizes that the knife is also enchanted and before Nora can mind-speak to Patch Marcie stabs Nora.

As Nora passes out, Blakely takes off out of Marcie's body. When Nora comes to she is in Patches bed and he is laying beside her. When she goes to move he wakes up and she finds out that she has been out for a few days. She also notices that the stab wound has not healed yet and that it is glowing blue. Normally, if a nephilim is stabbed or cut or anything they heal really fast. But the wound was still open after three days.

Patch tells Nora that Blakely will end up coming back, because when he took off he didn't take the knife. That is is afraid that Patch will give it to the angels in heaven and Blakely will be punished severally. So to not be punished Blakely will try and get Patch to give him the knife for anything that Patch wants.

Later that night Blakely calls Patch and tells Patch that he wants the knife back, to meet him at a certain spot. So Patch tells Blakely that he wants to know what will heal Nora. So Blakely tells Patch about the knife being infected with something and that he will give him the antidote to stop the infection that is takes its course in Nora's body if Patch comes alone. So Patch decides to meet Blakely and get the antidote to save Nora.

A day goes by and Nora is woke up at 4 in the morning again by Dante to train. They end up going farther than normal and Dante asks if she can find her way back to her house and she says that she can. As she is almost to her house she notices that Dante left his bag that he always seemed to bring with him, but never opens. So Nora decides to open it and see what is in it. When she does she sees 15 bottles of the enchanted drink and all of a sudden she is having sharp pains in her stomach as if she needs to drink and can't live without it. So she takes a bottle, thinking that Dante won't even know about it.

Later that night she goes and sees Patch, he shows her the antidote, but finds out that if she has consumed the enchanted drink, then she can't take the antidote. So she mind-tricks Patch into thinking that she drank it and leaves his place. After leaving Patches place she heads over to Dante's place and asks for the enchanted drink.

While at Dante's she gets an enchanted drink, but learns that the new enchanted drink actually last a week, instead of just 24hrs in the system. While there she tells Dante that she plans to lead the war and actually means it.

On Thursday, Marcie has thrown a Halloween party and at first it is just Nora and all of Marcie's friends there, but Patch decides to show up and everyone keeps asking him what he is supposed to be, because they don't realize it is Patch. So Nora just says fallen angel. Nora sneaks off with Patch to the bathroom and Nora's mother walks in. She ends up throwing Patch out of the house and Marcie decides to play a game called bob-for-a-date. Instead of the traditional bob-for-an-apple. Marcie tells Nora that she is going first. So Nora ends up going and gets a green apple. Red apples are girls, green apples are guys. Marcie reads off the name, but no one comes forward. Then about 5 minutes later the lights go out.

When the lights go out Nora notices that the house seems to be very full of strong energy, that is related to the fallen angels. As everyone is trying to leave the house Nora hides behind the couch and their is a fallen angel that is trying to seek out Nora, so he does a mind-trick of her burning, just to make her come out of hiding, which she does.

After she comes out of hiding, the fallen angel wants her to submit to letting him take her over. But she doesn't let him and does a mind-trick on him. The mind-trick makes him think that he has been stabbed in this wing scars on his back. After she is able to escape from him she runs into Debria. Debria is Patches ex-girlfriend and Nora and Debria do not get along one bit. Debria tells Nora she is there to get her out of the house but Nora does not believe her.

After Nora and Debria get into it over whether or not Debria was behind the attack, Debria ends up leaving. No sooner does Nora get back to the house, Scott and Vee show up. Nora tells Vee that the party was ended up crashed so everyone had to go home. Nora tells Vee that her and Marcie will clean up the mess, that Vee and Scott should go see a movie or something.

The morning after the party, Dante has woken up Nora yet again at 4 in the morning for training. While they are training Nora tells Dante all about the night before. Dante tells Nora that he has pictures of Patch and that she will not like the pictures he has. But Nora say's she wants them anyways. When Nora does get the pictures, she wishes she hadn't asked to see them. Because in the pictures Debria is kissing Patch.

After Nora sees the pictures she decides to go to Patches place and notices Debria's car in Patches driveway. So Nora confronts Debria and when Patch comes in from being gone decides to start asking Patch questions. Nora learns that Patch has told Debria to stay at the safe house and leave things alone. Then makes Debria leave.

While Patch and Nora are talking after Debria leaves. Nora suggests looking into Pepper, about the whole being blackmailed thing. So they devise a plan of Nora going to the club with Scott and going to the secret gambling room that is in the basement of the club. As Scott and Nora get into the gambling room that night, they get Pepper to come outside and have a talk. They find out that Pepper is not trying to hurt Patch, but is trying to give Patch a job.

Pepper's blackmailer calls and tells him to meet him in the cemetery in town. So Patch and Nora take his place. But before they go to the cemetery, they inform Patch what is going on and he agrees to meet them there. When Nora and Scott get there, Nora is trying to speak to Scott in mind-speak, but gets no answer. Then all of a sudden Nora feels a burning sensation on her neck as an object that has the blue hue to it is put around her neck from behind. Only to realize that the object is the object that Scott had with him. After she gets it off her neck she realizes that Dante was the one trying to hurt her.

Nora learns that Dante is actually working with the fallen angels to lead the nephilim army straight into the fallen angels hands. Right after he takes over Nora's leader ship. But for him to take over he needs to tell the nephilim that Nora is the traitor, which in tern will get her killed. While Dante is talking Nora realizes that she can mind-speak to animals and has the dog bit Dante.

After Nora gets away from Dante she goes and finds both Scott and Patch. After everyone is able to leave, Scott goes home and Patch and Nora go see Pepper and get him to agree to get all the fallen angels feathers out of heaven and bring the feathers to them. Pepper has until Monday at midnight to get them back to Patch and Nora. In the mean time Nora is to get Dante to agree to a duel, because Dante has decided to make a public announcement.

After Nora gets word to the nephilim higher ups that she wants to have a meeting, she finds out that they have agreed and set up the meeting at Nora's fathers house at 10 pm the same night. Patch has made an agreement with Scott that to be there with Nora. Patch will take over Scott's body so that he can be at the meeting without them knowing anything.

When the meeting is set and Nora shows up, everyone is sitting in the room waiting to see what Nora wants, even Dante. As Nora tells the nephilim that she knows they don't like her and that they would rather have Dante as leader, no one disagrees with her. But she then decides to challenge Dante to a duel and everyone is surprised and excited about it. Dante is actually all the more happy to do the duel.

Since Nora has made the offer of a duel, Dante gets to pick the choice of weapon. So Dante picks the sabers to do the duel with. Knowing that Nora has never used a saber before. The duel is normally set for sunrise Monday morning but Scott chimes in and reminds everyone that Nora has never even held a saber that she needs practice. To at least make the duel at sunrise on Tuesday morning just so the duel will be fair. After Lisa Martin thinks about it she agrees to the terms. Nora knows she only has the rest of the night, which is Sunday and all of Monday to practice.

After Nora leaves the meeting, Scott has to stay behind to see if he can learn anything more that is going on. So while Scott is still in the meeting Nora decides to go see Vee and finally tell Vee everything that she has been keeping from her. When Nora gets finished telling Vee everything, Vee doesn't seem the least bit surprised, which actually shocks Nora. But Nora finds out that Vee is a nephilim as well too.

After Nora leaves Vee's place she goes home to sleep. She sleeps until sunrise Monday morning, then goes to Patches and practices with the sabers and Patch until it is sunset on Monday. When Nora goes to Patches place she decides she is going to take a shower. While taking a shower Nora feels a presence that isn't fallen angel and isn't Patch. Which she freaks out over because no one knows where Patch lives that isn't someone Nora knows.

So Nora stops the shower, acts like she doesn't notice anyone and is humming while she raps herself in a really big towel. When she notices that the intruder is near the bathroom door she kicks the door so hard that it splinters and comes off the hinges at the intruder. Nora finds out that the intruder is actually Blakely. Blakely has come to ask Nora for help.

Blakely tells Nora that Dante is trying to take over everything that Blakely has been doing and is threatening to kill Blakely. So Nora tells Blakely that Patch will deal with Dante, only if Blakely agrees to go the the higher up nephilim and sell out Dante. Which he agrees to do. Nora is to meet with Blakely after Patch and her figure out how they want to go about dealing with everything.

When Patch gets back from where ever he went to, Nora tells Patch everything that Blakely has said and agreed to. Then Patch and Nora head to were Blakely is hiding to go over details with him. Only to find that Blakely has been killed by Dante and that Dante knows Pepper has the feathers. That Dante is going after Pepper now.

Nora goes to Patches old apartment notices that there is smoke coming out of the hidden passage way connected to Patches apartment. Only to realize that the feathers are being burned. While there Nora ends up passing out from all the smoke inhalation. When she wakes up she is in Patches bed by herself and is told that it is time for the duel by Vee her friend. As she gets to the duel there are thousands of nephilim waiting and the higher up nephilim hand Nora a black robe, that is only made for the higher ups and she puts it on. They are waiting for Dante to show up, but as the sun comes up he still hasn't shown up. Then the ground starts to shake, as if an earthquake is happening.

Lisa Martin, a higher up tells everyone to pull out their weapons and get ready for a battle, because the fallen angels have come. Nora realizes the fallen angels are being lead by Dante himself. Nora goes after Dante and starts to sward fight with him, while everyone else is fighting the fallen angels. Nora learns that Dante is the lab that Nora wants to destroy that has the enchanted drinks and objects. Meaning that if Nora wants to get rid of anything enchanted she has to kill Dante.

As Dante is fighting with Nora, Scott comes up and gives his life for Nora and that only makes her really angry because now Scott is dead and Scott was Vee's first love. So Nora ends up killing Dante. After Nora kills Dante she is walking back through the cemetery and notices that all the fallen angels are dead as well. But doesn't really understand why. But as she is looking around she sees someone going from body to body hurriedly and realizes that it is Patch.

She runs to Patch and hugs him and starts to cry because she thought she had lost Patch forever the night before. As Patch tells Nora that he is still here, he gives Nora a ring and they both cut themselves with the sharp edge. Patch cuts his palm, while Nora cuts her wrist. When they connect, Patch is in utter shock because he can feel all of a sudden. Normally fallen angels can not feel anything physical. But once Patch and Nora decided to bond themselves to one another for all eternity by blood. Patch can now feel just like any other human.

Best part of story, including ending: I really liked this story because it goes to show that even though what any society says about the other being with one another. It happens anyways.

Best scene in story: My favorite scene is when Nora mind-speaks to the dog into biting Dante.

Opinion about the main character: I like that even though Nora was told she had to lead the nephilim, she made her own decision in the end.

The review of this Book prepared by Amie Gray a Level 2 American Robin scholar

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