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The story is about a young women, Scarlett O'Hara, who cares for not many people in the world. She loves her parents and just realized, a young man named Ashley.
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Scarlett soon finds out that Ashley is engaged to his cousin Melanie. Scarlett is furious because she is the object of affection for all the boys in her town, and the one boy she actually wants she can't seem to get. Scarlett beleives that if she trys that someday Ashley will love her. She can make him see that she's the one he loves not Melanie.
Scarletts plot to entice Ashley turns out wrong. The results of her thought to be ingenious plan end with a man named Rhett Butler over hearing, Scarlett hastily marrying Charles (Melanie's brother), and the civil war starts. Melanie and Ashley also get marryied hurting scarlett even more because she can't get over loving the sweet, smart, and charming Ashley.
The book continues with Scarlett facing conflict after conflict that many people had to face living in Georgia, owning slaves, and being part of the conferdate side during the civil war. In addition to Scarlett's problems that other southerns are facing she also has to deal with trying to be the great lady that Ellen, her mother, was. Scarlett didn't inherit only her mothers traits though she also inherited her father's Irish side making this task especially diffcult.
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    Scarlett O'Hara, a wealthy 16 year old, figures out she is in love with Ashley Wilkes, on the day he was is going to announce his engagement at the party that night. She goes to the party and tries to impress him. When she finally gets with him alone, she tells him that she loves him. Ashley says to forget it, but Scarlett refuses. She says many unlady-like things and then slaps him in the face. This is all witnessed by Rhett Butler, an outcast. This upsets Scarlett, so she marries Charles, Ashley's fiance's brother.

    Talk about war is going around, but Scarlett doesn't pay any attention. Then all the men go to war, including Ashley. This leaves Ashley's wife now, Melanie, and Scarlett's Aunt Pittypat alone in Atlanta. Scarlett becomes a widow and goes to Atlanta, all in black and not allowed to have any fun. Scarlett becomes the talk of the town when she goes to a party and dances with Rhett Butler, at a bidding for The Cause. Scarlett has to join sewing circles and nurse, to her dismay. She doesn't care about The Cause the least bit, and everyone else does except Rhett, a blockader. Rhett blockades for money, but everyone doesn't know it and thinks he's a great, gallant blockader.

    War gets backed up all the way into Atlanta, and Aunt Pitty refugees into Macon, leaving Scarlett and pregnant Melanie. Scarlett has to survive the war with challenging obstacles along the way, but it's a suprise.

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Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind is the story of Scarlett O'Hara, a spoiled southern belle, whose life is suddenly caught up in the turmoil of the American Civil War. Through her struggles during the war and the six years of Reconstruction that follow, we see her life pass through three husbands and three children as we take a deep look into the changing landscape of Atlanta (a young town at the time). Within this background, we observe Scarlett's battle against external and internal conflicts, her losses, gains, and hopes.
The review of this Book prepared by Michael S. Casteel

This is a story of love, of loss, and of courage. It is by far the greatest story ever written. We follow Scarlett O'Hara from her carefree childhood, into a war that causes nothing but pain and fear. We watch Scarlett get married three times, each times to men that she doesn't believe that she loves. We see Scarlett as she loses it all, and vows to get it all back. And she does. We see the glory of the old south resurrected in this timeless classic.
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'Gone With the Wind' was indeed one of the world most well written romance novels. Set in the backdrop of the American Civil War in the eighteen century, it tells the story of the Southern belle, Scarlett O'Hara who fought for survival during the War and the Recontruction Period through sheer shrewd wits and cunning business methods. In every circumstance, she had defied every expectation that is demanded of a well brought up Southern lady, that even in today's social standard , we cannot find her conduct acceptable. Yet one can say that she was courageous enough to fight for the survival for her and her families through ways and means, that even though her methods were not acceptable in those days, she was not lt least bothered by the opinions of those people around her.

At the same time I believe that she had taken the meaning of marriages too lightly. For example, when she married Charles Hamilton initially, the purpose of the marriage was because she wanted to spite Ashley. Her second marriage to Frank Kennedy was purely for the sake of money and lastly her marriage to Rhett Butler was out of fun and money too.

When it comes to the matter of love, she was indeed very stubborn and wildful. Ashley had refused her many times and told her about his reasons and yet she refused to accept the fact and continue to pursue the impossible dream of winning his love and neglect the love lavish upon her by Rhett. It was only until at last, a revelation finally strike her heart, that she had not understood both men she had loved. Had she understood Ashley, she would not have love him, had she understood Rhett she would not have lost him, she wondered whether she had understood any men in her life before.

This novel was indeed captivating throughout from the first page to the last page and was highly recommended to those who love to read romance stories.
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Scarlett O'Hara is sixteen when the book begins. It is during the time of the war between the North U.S. and the South U.S. (1860s). She is a wealthy plantation owner's daughter along with her two sisters. She is belle of the county and faces many trials throughout the book. At the beginning, she decides she loves Ashley Wilkes and gets angered when he becomes engaged to Melanie at a barbeque instead. Scarlett decides to marry Melanie's brother Charles at the same barbeque when he proposes. At this barbeque she also meets Rhett Butler, her future husband.
Charles and Scarlett and then Melanie and Ashley get married very quickly. This is not usual for that time. Scarlett soon has a baby and soon after that Charles is killed. Scarlett goes to visit different relatives for a month or so at a time, but depression does not lift off of her. She doesn't like being a widow and having to wear stuffy black clothing. Her mother (whom she loves dearly) sends her to Atlanta to live with Melanie and Pitty Pat (Melanie's aunt). Scarlett gains a better understanding of Charles and does many forbidden things in Atlanta. She is kept there during much of the book.
The blacks are freed, the Southerners lose their wealth etc. I can't explain the rest of the book... it would ruin it. You have to read it to find out the rest and truly enjoy the descriptive areas and to understand it.
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The lavish romance saga follows the life of Southern belle Scarlett O'Hara from riches to poverty and back to riches, through several husbands lots of children, the Civil War, the reconstruction of the South, and the death of a child. Every detail of this masterpiece was finely tuned to create one of the most prolific books ever. If you have seen the movie, you do not know the true story of Scarlett and what a rich conniving, sensitive, belittling, sweet, sensitive, dishonorable, selfish, treat she was. You'll hate her, love her, cheer for her and jeer her. Read this book.
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Plot & Themes

Time/era of story    -   1600-1899 Romance/Romance Problems    -   Yes Ethnic/Regional/Religion    -   American South Is this an adult or child's book?    -   Adult or Young Adult Book War/Revolt/Disaster on civilians    -   Yes Ethnic/regional/gender life    -   Yes Conflict:    -   War, Civil Woman's story?    -   Yes

Main Character

Gender    -   Female Profession/status:    -   wealthy Age:    -   20's-30's Ethnicity/Nationality    -   White (American)


How much descriptions of surroundings?    -   7 () United States    -   Yes The US:    -   Southeast    -   Deep South Misc setting    -   fancy mansion

Writing Style

Sex in book?    -   Yes What kind of sex:    -   vague references only    -   descript of kissing Amount of dialog    -   roughly even amounts of descript and dialog

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