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Poppy simultaneously loses her engagement ring and has her mobile phone stolen, but she luckily finds someone else's phone in a garbage bin and connects with a guy called Sam who becomes her confidante and love interest. Poppy misplaces her engagement ring in a hotel where she attended a Marie Curie Champagne Tea with her friends. She is frantic as her future parents-in-law are returning home after being in Chicago and she fears what she will tell them about the lost ring, a precious family heirloom.
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She remembers there had been eight of her friends at the table, drinking and eating, when someone asked to try on her engagement ring. She wonders if one of the girls could have taken it and wishes she had not left the table, especially since she didn't know the fire alarm was about to sound, leaving them all scurrying out in a frenzy. Poppy steps outside for a minute when her phone gets stolen, further making the lost ring a more complicated issue because now people won't be able to get in touch should they find it and she has been giving her mobile number to all the staff at the hotel. She wonders if she should call the mugger on her own number, when she spots a tossed mobile phone in the bin.

She thinks about handing it over to the concierge, but then it starts ringing. She answers and pretends to be its voice mail, which the man on the other side of the line believes. He leaves a message about someone named Scottie and how what he is going to do won't leave a trace. Poppy knows it's wrong to keep the phone but she desperately needs it so that people can update her on the ring, so she goes ahead and gives everyone this new number.

The phone rings again, this time it's a man asking to speak with Violet. Poppy tells him that this is no longer Violet's number. He is angry - Violet is the name of his personal assistant - and asks if the Japanese people at the hotel are leaving. Poppy is confused but then she sees a group of people in front of her and says that a man in a blue suit is there at the hotel, and he looks angry. The man on the phone says that she must stop this short man from leaving. She finally agrees, running over to the man, a gentleman by the name of Mr Yamasaki. She tells him she has a singing telegram for them, a message from all of his fans. She then sings Beyoncé's Single Ladies, which makes him look delighted. She asks in the phone if the man is still there and it turns out he is watching her display from the other side of the room. He wants the phone but Poppy tells him she is going to keep it since Violet threw it away.

She gets home and finds her fiancé, Magnus, there. He tells her that his parents' trip has been delayed. She is ecstatic, until Magnus tells her that his parents weren't happy to hear about their engagement. When her new phone rings, it's Sam again. He wants the phone back but she begs him to keep it for a while longer, promising to inform him of any messages that come through for him.

Poppy heads over to the fitness physio studio where she works and tells her colleagues about the lost ring and that she doesn't know how much it's worth, so one of them - a girl named Annalise - does some research on the net and discovers it is worth a hefty sum of £25,000. Poppy battles to concentrate when she meets with her wedding planner because of the lost ring and how she is meant to deal with it. She asks Magnus if she can speak with him later after work, before his parents come over. She feels she has to tell him about the ring.

The hotel informs Poppy that someone found the ring but it has gone missing again because it is not in any of their safes. She doesn't get the chance to speak to Magnus before the evening with his parents, and is jittery when she has to see them. She pretends to have suffered a burn on her hand so that they won't see her ring is missing. After an uncomfortable dinner with his parents (Poppy always feels unworthy in their presence), they play a game of Scrabble. Poppy isn't that good at the game but fortunately Sam is there to help her out via text - by secretly delivering words to her phone so that she can play better and win!

Magnus informs Poppy that his mother has asked a dermatologist to look at Poppy's burnt hand just to be safe. She freaks out, confiding in Sam who suggests she get a fake ring from a connection he knows. She worries it's brutally dishonest, but goes ahead. She meets Sam the next day at Hatton Garden. The man, named Mark, says he will create a fake ring in a few hours.

While they're there, Poppy tells Sam that he needs to write e-mails that aren't so abrupt. She has been reading them on the phone and thinks he could write better. He gets upset at her criticism. She is pleased with herself when her phone receives e-mails for Sam that seem to appreciate Poppy's warmer tone that she has been using when writing on his behalf. It seems Sam and Poppy are helping each other with their respective problems. Poppy receives a call from an unknown number from someone. It's Scottie. This time he says that he has done what he had to do and didn't leave a trace. She makes a note of it.

The fake ring looks almost as perfect as the real one, and fools Magnus, but Poppy is hopeful that it will be able to con his parents, too. They go over to the church where Poppy feels a flash of excitement that she will be married in a week. Her future mother-in-law, Wanda, scrutinizes the ring but luckily doesn't notice it's not the genuine thing. Poppy's wedding planner arrives, with great news that she found her engagement ring on the lining of her bag. Everyone is stunned at this announcement. Humiliated and cornered, Poppy quickly lies that she had a fake ring made so that she can have two.

Later, she overhears Magnus and his parents speaking at the back of the church and hears words such as 'mistake' and 'bloody disaster' being uttered, countered by Magnus's words that they are getting married whether or not his parents approve. She feels proud that Magnus backed her up, but still shaky that his parents don't like her. She gets a text from Sam, who says he'll be in Germany for the weekend. She wishes she could speak to him during this difficult time.

Meanwhile, she has continued sending e-mails on his behalf, taking over how he deals with colleagues. She agreed to present flowers to a colleague named Lindsay on her birthday, and then stupidly places kisses at the end of the email, instantly regretting it because it's too personal. She ends up going to an event because Sam didn't want to go, thinking she can get away with it because Sam is in Germany, but she nearly dies of shock when she sees him there.

She is placed in greater discomfort when people congratulate Sam for his wonderful e-mails - apparently he had also agreed to participate in a Fun Run and had sent an e-card of condolence for a young girl's dog that died. Poppy has to confess to Sam that she had sent an e-mail to everyone in the company on his behalf, telling them that they should send through ideas for the company to him, to create a warmer environment. He is really angry at everything she has done and tells her that she must give him his phone back the next day so that they never have to speak again. The worst of it is when Lindsay rocks up, flirting with Sam and telling him that there was always chemistry between them. She had clearly thought Sam had been flirting with her, meanwhile it was Poppy writing all of his e-mails.

Sam meets Poppy the next day at a restaurant so that she can return the mobile phone. Although he seems a bit cold at first, he surprises her by thanking her for what she has done, such as with encouraging people at work. But then he takes her phone from her and scrutinizes her messages, giving her criticism the way she did with him. He wants to know why she is so afraid of not being liked, hence all the kisses in her messages. He reads a list she had saved on her phone, featuring all the things she has to do before the wedding, such as become an expert in Greek philosophy and learn long Scrabble words to impress Magnus's parents. She is embarrassed.

She accompanies Sam back to his office, where she overhears Vicks, head of PR, speaking to him about a memo someone in the office named Nick had sent to Sam a few months ago. It is an incriminating memo filled with talk about accepting bribes, but Sam had never seen that version of the message. The scary thing is that the news of this is going to run on a television bulletin. Vicks says that she can't find the original memo and it isn't on Sam's computer, either.

When Poppy is left alone, she is reminded of an e-mail she had sent to Sam's father in reply to his request to have a reunion with his son. She had been so touched by it that she had e-mailed back pretending to be Sam and had accepted the invite. She realizes Sam is supposed to meet his father today!

When she leaves the building, a woman who shows her out speaks of Nick and calls him by his office nickname: Santa Claus. It is only when Poppy has left the building that she pulls out a note she had been keeping of all the strange caller's messages: about someone named Scottie having done the surgery and left no trace. It had been signed off as Santa Claus. She realizes this has to relate to Nick and the memo Vicks and Sam were talking about.

She has to get back into the office to Sam, but the receptionist doesn't let her all the way through. Frustrated that she no longer has her phone, she tries to write a message on the windows with soap suds. Sam sees her and comes to her, asking why she is back. She explains about the messages and he discovers who had the phone before it was given to Violet: a man called Ed who used to work at the company and then was fired. Sam asks if Poppy can help them identify the voice she heard on the phone message - but this means having to go to Hampshire. She should be planning her wedding, meanwhile she's on a train with some other guy whom she thinks has a girlfriend.

On the train, a message comes through and Poppy reads it. It is half of a message that states Sam's fiancée has been unfaithful to him. He tells Poppy that he's not engaged. He wonders if it could be a message for Poppy instead, even though it reads 'fiancée' instead of 'fiancé'. The message comes through in its entirety and Poppy sees it really is for her: someone is telling her that Magnus is being unfaithful with someone she knows.

They go to the hotel and Poppy starts mingling with people to try to discover who could own the voice belonging to the message on the phone. She feels stupid at not having discovered the owner of the voice, when she hears a voice behind the camera and knows it's the guy. Poppy tells Sam about the e-mail she sent to his father, but he tells her that man is not his father - he's an old college friend called David Robinson! When the man pitches up, expecting to spend some quality time with Sam, he objects and Poppy decides to have a drink with him, as she feels bad that he came all the way for nothing.

During the drinks, Poppy learns more about Sam's life from David and feels a fool for trying to get involved in his business when she didn't know the whole story about who he is, his family, and friends. Interrupting her time with David, Poppy has a confrontation with Willow who acts territorially about Sam even though they're not together. Sam can't be found when the memo-related news bulletin airs, but the report states that someone framed Nick, trying to make it look like he was guilty. Sam becomes the whistle-blower, putting himself on the line. Poppy texts him, still wondering where he is, and he asks her to meet him outside. There they have a tender moment.

When she's back home, Poppy receives a call from a woman wanting to speak with Sam. It's Violet and she has important news for him. She instructs him to go to his computer and pull up an icon called 'Voice-mails.' It turns out all the evidence Sam needs is there!

Poppy gets a call from Brenda Fairfax, a woman at the hotel where her ring had gone missing. She tells Poppy that she was about to place the ring in the safe when another guest rushed up and declared it was hers. After hearing a description about the woman, Poppy realizes it was Lucinda, her wedding planner. She is so enraged, she gets in a taxi and rushes over to Lucinda's home. There she discovers from Lucinda that she and Magnus used to date and he had proposed to her with the same ring! They had not made it to the altar because Magnus had chickened out halfway through his marriage proposal.

After getting Lucinda's confession, Poppy heads over to Wanda, Magnus's mother. She tells Wanda about what Lucinda says and Wanda admits that there had been three previous fiancées. She says that she and her husband had tried to stop Magnus from getting married now because they didn't want Poppy to get hurt.

Sam calls her and tells her that all the voice mails were on the computer, confirming everything about the memo. At his office, the company wants to take the phone from Poppy for good so they can study all the messages that relate to this corporate issue. So they print out all of Poppy's messages and she sees her interactions with Sam on the printout. It makes her emotional. Sam then realizes Poppy had sent Willow a message telling her to back off because Sam wasn't her boyfriend - he is mad with Poppy.

She walks away and phones Magnus, leaving him a voicemail telling him she knows about the affair with Lucinda and his trail of ex-fiancés, and is ending things. However, when Magnus gets home he apologizes to Polly and proposes with a brand new engagement ring that he bought for her in Bruges. She accepts.

On her wedding day, Poppy receives a text from Sam. He apologizes for how he got mad with her about Willow and admits that Poppy was right about the situation. He says he knows it's not an easy day for Poppy because it should have been her wedding day - he has no idea she is going through with it - and invites her to coffee. She sends him an image of her wedding dress and he tries to persuade her not to marry Magnus. She doesn't listen.

As she's walking down the aisle, she keeps thinking about Sam and tries to push him out of her mind. During their vows, Poppy gets upset with Magnus because he gets the words wrong and she accuses him of not meaning what he says. She leaves the altar, making her way back down the aisle. A woman stops her, saying she has a message for her. As she starts reading it, other women call out that they received the same message. It's a message from Sam saying that the receivers of the message must stop Poppy from getting married. She runs out of the church and sees Sam across the road. They text each other cute words and then she sends Magnus a message saying that she is bringing Sam to their wedding reception. Then she hears another beep: it's a message from Sam, sending her a heart icon. She replies, 'Me too' and takes his hand.
Best part of story, including ending: It was a light-hearted, fun read. There are some captivating twists and turns, such as when Poppy discovers via text that her fiancée is cheating on her.

Best scene in story: The scene when Poppy is playing Scrabble with her future parents-in-law and Sam is sending her great words via text so that she can win the game.

Opinion about the main character: Poppy is a bit childish at times during the novel, such as when she pretends to be Sam and replies to his e-mails in ways he doesn't usually write. However, her bashfulness and constant mishaps make her an interesting and funny character.

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