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A young medical student who has been a shadow of her former self ever since she was assaulted by an ex-boyfriend begins to explore her sexual desires after meeting a handsome doctor. Madison is a medical student in Seattle, Washington. She attends a med school social event where she meets an attractive doctor named Liam. Madison mostly tries to avoid men and hasn't dated anyone in two years, but she is strongly attracted to Liam.
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Madison and Liam start talking and decide to go to a nearby coffee shop. While they are at the coffee shop, Liam puts his hand on her knee. Madison is startled and accidentally spills water on Liam's clothes. Liam suggests they go to his place so that he can change. Madison gets scared and runs out of the coffee shop without saying goodbye to him.

A week later, Liam and Madison see each other at the hospital. They go for a walk and he asks her why she abruptly left the coffee shop. She explained that two years ago her ex-boyfriend Brandon put a roofie in her drink and took nude pictures of her while she was unconscious. Then, he posted the nude pictures on the internet. Brandon wanted to retaliate against her because he was upset that she broke up with him. She has had trouble trusting men ever since.

Liam takes Madison to his home. Madison lets him know that she's not ready for a relationship and wants sex with no strings attached. They hook up and agree to meet again in a few days.

Madison tells her best friend, Chloe, that she is pursuing a casual sexual relationship with Liam. Chloe thinks Madison is making a mistake. Chloe states that Liam will hurt her. Madison disregards Chloe's advice.

Madison is surprised by how comfortable she feels with Liam. She becomes more sexually confident. Madison continues to talk with Liam about some of the painful experiences from her past. He is compassionate and supportive.

In a desperate attempt to keep Madison from getting hurt, Chloe contacts Madison's dad to let him know what's going on. When Madison arrives home, Chloe and her father are waiting for her. Madison doesn't speak to her father anymore because he blamed her for the sexual assault and kicked her out of the house after the incident happened. She demands that her father and Chloe leave.

At work, Madison tries to juggle a heavy workload and avoid the unwanted attention she is getting from a senior resident named Owen. He is known for having a bad temper and abuses his position of authority amongst the female medical interns.

Liam tells Madison that he plans on applying for a position at a hospital in Los Angeles. Madison realizes how much she cares about Liam when she finds out that he might leave in a few weeks. Liam also has strong feelings for Madison. They decide to enjoy the rest of their time together. The next day Liam sends Madison a text message saying that he can't see her anymore.

Owen becomes more aggressive in his pursuit of Madison. He tells her that if she doesn't have sex with him, he will give her a negative evaluation that will damage her career. She sends Liam a text message asking for his advice regarding how to deal with Owen, but Liam doesn't reply. Madison feels alone and afraid all over again just like she did two years ago.

Madison decides that she will have sex with Owen rather than jeopardize her career. When she arrives at Owen's apartment, she sees that he drugged a sixteen-year-old girl named Isabel and plans on having sex with her too. Madison takes pictures of Owen trying to undress Isabel. Then Madison informs Owen that she is going to forward the pictures to the authorities. Owen gets scared and calls a taxi for Madison and Isabel.

As Madison rushes out of the apartment with Isabel, she runs into Liam. He tracked her down at Owen's apartment because he wanted to help her. Madison informs him that she is able to help herself.

Madison takes Isabel to the hospital. She calls Isabel's mom and lets her know what happened. Madison states that Isabel needs to get checked out by a doctor and advises the mother to call a lawyer.

Liam tells Madison that he wants to be with her and will try to regain her trust. They have sex but Madison still isn't sure if she wants a relationship with Liam. While Madison is sleeping, Liam takes pictures of her naked body. Madison jumps up when she hears the noise from the camera and tells Liam to get out of her apartment. Liam tries to explain that he wanted to take pictures so that he can view them while he sketches images of her.

Madison is getting ready for work when she sees that Liam had drawn several sketches of different moments they shared together. The picture he drew of her in bed was tasteful and discreet. She runs to the hospital to apologize him.

When she finds Liam, she tells him that she is in love. Liam says that he loves her as well. Liam decides to stay in Seattle and be with Madison instead of taking a position at another hospital out of state.
Best part of story, including ending: The events in the book unfold at a pace that keeps the reader interested. You can feel all of Madison's pain, joy, excitement, and fear as she tries to navigate her personal and professional life.

Best scene in story: It's a triumphant moment when Madison protects Isabel from being sexually assaulted by Owen. It was an epiphany for Madison because she suddenly realized she should have been protected instead of being shamed and ridiculed when she was sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend.

Opinion about the main character: Madison is a very relatable character. She is strong and courageous as well as vulnerable and fragile at times. Even though she has been very hurt by people she used to trust, she doesn't let it prevent her from becoming a doctor and falling in love.

The review of this Book prepared by Pamela Parker a Level 3 Eurasian Jay scholar

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Plot & Themes

Time/era of story    -   2000+ (Present Day) Inner struggle subplot    -   Yes Struggle with...    -   angst over abusive past lover

Main Male Character

Profession/status:    -   doctor Age/status:    -   20's-30's Sex makes him    -   blissful

Main Female Character

Age/status:    -   20's-30's Profession/status:    -   doctor/medical Effect of sexing    -   blissful


United States    -   Yes The US:    -   Pacific NW

Writing Style

Accounts of torture and death?    -   no torture/death What % of story is romance related?    -   90% How explicit is the sex?    -   actual description of sex    -   rape/molest (yeech!) Focus of story    -   Her How much dialog    -   significantly more descript than dialog

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