The very best episodes of Voyager Book Review Summary


The one where B'nana and Harry parachute into the artificial reality ruled by the mean but funny clown. This was just about the ONLY good Harry Kim episode. It was fun watching Harry strapped to a table while the clown prepared to perform surgery on him, and even more fun when the Doctor showed him how to hold a scalpel. The clown definitely stole the show with his antics and jokes (I especially liked how when Harry asked him if he were a computer virus, the clown promptly did a jig, dancing and singing "A virus! A virus! He thinks we are a virus!" and then promptly sneezed on Harry).

The one where the Doctor daydreams about saving the ship and being sought after by the women. The first two minutes of that episode may be the best part of any Voyager episode ever--where, as Tuvok goes to pieces, the Doctor sings a little song about Tuvok going through Pon Farr (which even rhymes in cute ways!). It was hysterical watching B'nana and 7 of 9 fight over the Doctor, and great fun watching him become activated as the "Emergency Command Hologram." Perhaps the best episode ever.

"Thinktank". I've never been a big Jason Alexander fan, but he gave a great performance as a slick and conniving conman out to get 7 of 9 for his thinktank in this episode. Janeway is funny in this episode too, with witty comments to the Alexander character such as "A good guest knows when he's not welcome" when he appears holographically, and at the end, when the thinktank ship is under attack, she smirks "You'll just have to give it some… thought."
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