If one character had to be lost in a transporter accident… Book Review Summary

Our nominees: Chakotay, Harry Kim, Tuvok, Neelix.

First, Chakotay and Tuvok; I know one is supposed to be a Maquis Indian, and the other a Vulcan, but they're identical; now that Chakotay is off his "spirit guide" kick from earlier seasons, both deliver their lines emotionlessly, and either one could be saying the other's lines. Basically, their only purpose on the show is to do the "Sulu and Chekov" jobs: "A ship is hailing us" "Phasers locked on target" "I'm picking up a tacyon field." I mean, B'nana says some of these things too, but at least she delivers her lines with some feelings; Chakotay and Tuvok are on permanent tranquilizers, and wouldn't be missed. In addition, who would miss the episodes that center around them--the one where Tuvok toilet trains the young children who turn out to be old people, or the one where Chakotay does it with the woman who gives him amnesia afterwards, or the one where Chakotay does it with the species 7495 girl… all forgettable episodes.

Now Harry Kim. He's another waste of space. He's constantly whining for his mommie, or his clarinet, or Captain Janeway, who's become his substitute momma. I can almost imagine her saying, "Ensign, did you brush your teeth before you came on duty" and tucking him into bed at night when she gets off shift. Most Harry Kim episodes are especially bad, notably the one where he gets back to Earth, has a great job, his girlfriend, everything… and he still wants to go back to being stranded on Voyager! Unbelievable. As a goodie two-shoes he's a totally uninteresting character.

Neelix has become Voyager's Counselor Troi except he doesn't have the legs or the figure to properly fill the role. As the advising Momma hen he's constantly dispensing his totally uninteresting pearls of wisdom, eating up valuable on-screen time that could be given to more interesting characters. Some especially bad Neelix episodes have been the ones where he toilet trains Naomi Wildman, has the moral dilemma of dealing with the A-bomb scientist, and any time he feels guilt about letting Captain Janeway down.
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