Perceptions Book Review Summary

One of Voice's underground research labs is attacked, and scientists trapped in the lab require rescuing before the equipment in there explodes. Someone who looks like Hal's dead Dad appears, directing them to the scene of the accident, but he quickly disappears. Naturally, this unnerves Hal.

Sarge and Cleo try and figure out a way of rescuing the trapped scientists while Hal goes looking for Dad. She finds him but he turns out to be a hologram controlled by Creegan. Creegan immobilizes her and uses a tracer to try to trace Voice's location. (Since Voice stops transmitting, it's unclear how he traces her....)

Hal breaks free and smacks Creegan, and he runs away. And then Hal's dad reappears, does a cameo, and then runs off.

Meanwhile Sarge does about a dozen jumps on a trampoline in the lab to avoid laser bolts. Finally, after she finishes jumping around, she deactivates the lab equipment.
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