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Mel Duan is a American Born Chinese girl who lives in New Whitby in Maine. The town is full of humans and vampires. Her friend Cathy is very much into vampires. But Cathy is also the kind of girl who reads nothing but old romance novels as well. While Mel does not care for vampires and really wants nothing to do with them.
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One morning when Mel and Cathy are on their way to school they see a person that is covered from head to toe, you cannot see a patch of skin any were on them. Cathy instantly thinks that the person is a vampire, because vampires cannot go out into the sun. After they get to their first class, which is New Whitby History, they find out that the person they happen to see is a vampire and his name is Francis Duvarney who was turned in 1867, and has lived in New Whitby since 1901. After Mel's friend Cathy hears that, Mel is worried about Cathy because now she seems to be all about Francis.
After a few days Francis starts to hang out with Mel, Cathy, and a few of their other friends and is asking really weird questions. Things like what were their hobbies, what were they all allergic to and other more personal questions. While asking these questions he is taking notes in a note book. But Mel notices that Francis is taking more interest in Cathy than anyone else.
Weird things start to happen at the school. The most weird thing is that as Mel, Cathy, Francis, and their other friends are headed to class, there is a stampede of students running from a herd of rats that are leaving the basement. After the stampede is gone, Mel notices that Francis and Cathy are locked in each others arms and eyes. Which she so does not like, it makes her worry even more. But the part that seems to bug Mel the most the Principle Saunders. Principle Saunders comes from out of no where after the rat stampede and has a dark blood looking stain on her skirt and her panty hose is ripped and she seems to come from the basement. But Principle Saunders seems to be really scared of Francis and Mel has really no idea why.
Mel knows that Principle Saunders' husband ran off with a vampire, or so that is what everyone has been told, but Mel doesn't understand why Principle Saunders would be scared of Francis. So Mel decides to break into the school, with the help of Anna, who is Principle Saunders daughter to see what they can find on Francis. But all they find is that Francis is at the school to write a book about humans in the new generation. After finding that out, Mel figures if she tells Cathy what Francis is really doing then maybe Cathy will not fall for Francis the way she has been.
After Mel confronts Francis about what he is doing at the school, Francis says that he will leave the school and Cathy alone. After a few days of Francis not being at the school and not being near Cathy, Cathy has gotten to the point were she will not eat or sleep, just sits in a chair in her room and doesn't go anywhere or do anything.
But one night Cathy's mom calls Mel, because Cathy told her mom that she was going to Mel's house and Mel realizes that Cathy actually went to the shade. The shade is where the vampires live, which is where Francis lives. So Mel goes to the shade and finds Cathy in front of Francis' house and she tries to get her to leave, but they end up in the basement of the house and they meet Camille. Camille is the Vampire cop that Francis lives with. But what surprises Mel more, is that there is a human boy living with the vampires and he calls Camille mom. She finds out that the boys name is Kit.
After Francis is told to go back to school and Mel meets everyone at Francis' shade, she finds out that Kit is actually adopted by the vampires because someone just left him on their doorstep thinking that the vampires would kill him. But instead they raised him. When Francis goes back to school the next day Cathy is back to her normal self, except for the fact that she is spending all her time with Francis instead of Mel and all of their friends. Which Mel cannot stand.
After the second day of school Mel,Anna,and Ty go to their favorite place to eat in town, while Francis and Cathy are off on their date. When Cathy comes in crying and Mel thinks that something bad has happened to Cathy. But Cathy is crying tears of joy, Francis asked her to become a vampire. Which happens to make Mel really angry, she already hates Francis, but now its much worse. But after a few weeks Mel agrees to go on a double date with Cathy and Francis, but Mel picks it at the beach on Saturday when its supposed to be really sunny.
Mel does that so that Cathy will maybe realize that she doesn't want to be a vampire and have to wear a full suite and think twice about becoming a vampire. But that doesn't seem to bother Cathy. On the double date Mel is with Kit. Who she finds out has always been around vampires and never any humans so he doesn't know how to act. While on the date Mel finds out that Kit will also be turning into a vampire. Which makes her feel really upset because she actually liked him.
A few days later Francis, Cathy, Mel, and Kit go to the ZDU, which stands for Zombie Disposal Unit. While there Kit and Cathy see what happens when a transition goes wrong. Kit comes out throwing up and Cathy comes out feeling sorry for the Zombies. But that does not change Cathy's mind at all.
Mel and Kit decide to go to Anna's days work and talk to the receptionist, who tells them that Officer de Chartes, who is a vampire cop was suspicious of the whole Dr runaway with vampire story. Mel finds out that Officer Chartes is Kit's mom Camille. Which makes Mel really wonder why Francis is at the school. Whether he is there for his book or to spy on Principle Saunders.
After confronting Francis again, in the girls bathroom, Mel finds out that Francis is actually at the school to keep an eye on Principle Saunders and also the book as well. So later that night Mel decides to go to Francis' house and talk to Camille, who actually tells Mel that Rebecca Jones, the vampire that Dr. Saunders ran off with is actually dead. Which makes Mel even more suspicious of Principle Saunders. So she goes and looks for clues at the school in the basement with Kit.
But before Mel and Kit go looking into the investigation Mel decides to talk to Cathy about everything she has found out first. Mel and Cathy end up in a fight over the fact that Cathy wants to be a vampire knowing what could go wrong and Cathy tells Mel that her mother has given her permission to change before she turns 18.
The next day Mel and Kit go to the basement and find a fingernail and chains in the basement wall. Which causes Kit to call Camille and Camille tells Kit and Mel to back off the case. After they leave the school Mel gets a call from Anna saying that she thinks her dad is dead. So Mel and Kit go to Anna's and Mel tells Anna what she has found so far. So Mel, Kit, and Anna decide to go to Honeycomb beach, where Anna's mom and dad used to spend there time together and Anna calls her mom.
Anna's mom comes running out of a near by cave and out behind Anna's mom comes a zombie, who is her dad. Anna watches the ZDU kill her dad and Anna finds out that her mom has been hiding her dad after the transition went wrong.
Even though Cathy has seen Anna's dad as a zombie, she still wants to transition. Kit decides to tell his family and Mel that he is going to stay human for a while, to figure out what he really wants to do, be a vampire or stay human. Then Cathy goes to the transitioning facility with Francis, Kit, Camille, her mom, and Mel. After the transition takes place Mel hopes with all she has that Cathy makes it out fine. Cathy wakes up and has transition just fine. After a few weeks things seem back to normal for Mel and everyone else. Kit has even enrolled in the high school that Mel goes to as a Junior. Cathy and Francis continue to write the book that Francis was working on. Anna and her mom are in counseling and Anna's mom loses her her job as principle for endangering the students, having a zombie that close and does community service instead of jail time. Mel and Cathy stay friends.
Best part of story, including ending: I really liked that the main character Mel was so against her friend Cathy becoming a vampire. But in the end just excepted it, and stayed friends with Cathy.

Best scene in story: My favorite scene would be at the end when Mel is outside playing baseball with Ty, Kit, Anna and a few others. Because that is when she sees Cathy looking out the window and says that her team will win the game because her best friend is watching.

Opinion about the main character: The one thing that I don't like about the main character is that even though she loves her best friend and doesn't want anything to happen to her, she can't stop being so pushy about everything.

The review of this Book prepared by Amie Gray a Level 2 American Robin scholar

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