"The Naked Time"--an episode of the evils of alcohol? Book Review Summary

In "The Naked Time" the crew catches a disease which causes them to lose their inhibitions. Sulu runs around the ship chasing people with a sword; Spock starts crying like a little boy, crewmembers run wild in the corridors, and, most ominously, Ensign Riley locks himself in engineering and shuts down the engines, just as the Enterprise is about to burn up in a planet's atmosphere. This episode is saying that drugs leave people out of control. But it is also a message about alcohol & drunk driving. Alcohol also leaves people out of control, if taken in large enough amounts. Because crewmembers were "drunk", the ship almost crashed into a planet. That's like saying that drunk drivers can crash their cars in the same way. Only in this episode "Don't drink and drive" is being metaphorically demonstrated by the theme of "Don't drink and use warp drive". Note: the views expressed here are only those of the reviewer(s).
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