If they could use the replicators, why did they have to eat Neelix's crappy cooking? Book Review Summary

In the beginning they said that replicator used was "rationed' to conserve energy; but frequently over the years Neelix made mention of the fact that he cooked using the replicators. If that's the case, why has the crew been forcefed his horrible food over the years? Could it be that Captain Janeway made a conscious decision that she wants the crew to go vegetarian (what's next, tie-dye starfleet uniforms?). What's next, recycling? Janeway: "All right, put all organic food leftovers in the left recycling bin; put used phasers and tricorders in the center bin, and put alien autopsy bodies in the one on the right." Note: the views expressed here are only those of the reviewer(s).
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