The best episodes of the Next Generation Book Review Summary

"Q Who", where Q introduces Picard to the Borg. This was during the early pacifist phase of the show; when they encounter a Borg ship, they at first refuse to raise the shields, because they don't want to be provocative; then when one of them appears in engineering, Picard, hands raised in surrender, asks Q "How do we let them know we're not a threat?". It's only when the Borg start getting tough with them that Picard fights back. The desperate scene at the end where the Borg is about to capture them, and Picard is forced to give Q a speech that he's 'inadequate", is both riveting and highly amusing. Even funnier was the scene at the very end where Picard tells Guinan that he's grateful that Q gave him a kick in the pants to get him out of his complacency!

"Contagion", the attack of the "scorpion in the mouth creatures that enable old Admirals to kick Riker in the face monsters". A lot of great scenes--eating wiggling chowmein noodles at Starfleet, blowing off Remmick's head, watching Riker getting his kickboxing lesson, and more.

"Enterprise C", the "alternate universe" version of the Enterprise where the lighting is low, Troi is nowhere to be scene, Picard barks out orders and isn't sensitive, and families on the Enterprise have been replaced by extra phaser banks. Tasha Yar is also back, looking more butch than ever.

"Face of the Enemy". I'm normally not a fan of Counselor Troi episodes, but she did a great job playing a member of the Romulan secret police, the Tal Shiar. Watching this kitten threaten to shoot Romulans or blast them into space was, well, a blast.
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