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          This man in this story was Captain Jaggery. He wanted to get on the good side of a girl named Charlotte because her dad owned the company. This was totally twisted when they set sail. Captain Jaggery only used her and got her on the bad side of the crew, so they would hate her and she would never be backed up by the crew.
    But this plan was partly ruined by a man named Zacheriah. He befriended Charlotte because he wanted to give her a warning that the crew was to start a mutiny against the Captain and Charlotte will be in the way and probaly get hurt. But in the end it was Captian Jaggery who got hurt.
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Charlotte went into a room to get a needle for a man, and found a pistol in his chest, and remembered that the captain had said (very proudly) that he kept all of the guns in a safe that were on the ship, and when she was going out with the needle she saw a round robin, which is a sign that the crew is forming a rebellion, and she realized that they wanted to kill the captain. She tells the captain and he comes out and kills a stowaway named Mr. Cranick with a gun and then orders someone to throw him overboard. After that he whips Zachariah so hard he passes out and the crew gives him a blessing and throws him into the sea. She now doesn't like the captain so she wears a mans clothing and is told that to become a member of the crew she has to climb to the highest mast and come down.

In these chapters Charlotte becomes a member of the crew by climbing to the tallest mast and back. After being a member of the crew for a while they came to the largest storm ever, a hurricane, during the hurricane a man named Mr. Hollybrass was murdered by someone that used Charlotte's knife!
She had a trial to see if she had done it, and she was found guilty. She is going to be killed but she finds out that the captain did it, because the two had a fight during the storm and he got mad and said “Die scum!” and killed him. When Charlotte was going to be hung the captain fell off the dock and died and then she was captain. And then she went home. So when she got home, she had to do girl stuff and she didn't like it. Then she gave her diary to her parents and her dad said, “Rubbish! What have those sailor people gotten into your mind?” So then her father burned the diary and then she secretly wrote the diary all over again.

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A thirteen year old girl is caught between a tyrannical sea captain and his mutinous crew as she travels from England to America. Set in 1832, the ship is sailing from England to America and Charlotte is the only passanger. Told in first person, Charlotte describes her experiences and thoughts as she struggles to know what to do. Eventually, she joins the crew and then becomes the captain when the original captain is killed. When the ship lands in America, she goes back to her family, but she does not fit in anymore. She runs away and goes back to the ship to be a sailor. The appendix includes a drawing and labeling of a ship like the Seahawk and the appendix includes a description of how time is kept on a ship.
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Miss Doyle, a proper young gentle lady who has been trained in the finer arts of high society behavior, is at the docks in 1832. She is getting ready to take a sea voyage home to America. The book immediately reveals that 13-year-old Charlotte Doyle will be tried and convicted for murder while on a ship voyage from London to Providence, New York.

Captain Jaggery, a cruel captain, manages to charm Charlotte before she is able to learn his true nature. He uses her to try to put down a rebellion on his ship. The crew manage to communicate another side of the story to her. She must choose between the two during the treacherous voyage.

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sofia c on 1/15/2015 12:07:14 AM says: The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle is very fun and interesting because its full of mystery and action. I really enjoyed this book, but what I don't like is that its very predictable. This book is really slow and boring at the beginning but then all the action extends till the end, and its really exciting.

DavidCU on 1/14/2015 7:10:05 AM says: 3/5 stars.
This book starts very slow and increases action and speed, although, there is not much action after or before the main part of the book. The vocabulary was very advanced, and having a dictionary will serve useful. I personally didn't like the topic, making my rating lower. This book had some exciting parts and a good developed story, making my rating ⅗.

Pablo on 1/14/2015 3:32:06 AM says: I think this book has difficult vocabulary and sometimes it may be a little boring. But sometimes it may be interesting especially when there is lots of action. This book is from the old times so I did not like it that much because of the genre. I give it 3 stars

Lexi on 1/14/2015 3:21:11 AM says: I liked this book. It made me put myself in Charlotte's shoes; I felt fear, anxiety and disgust. I noticed that part 1 was some huge description of the lifestyle and the chain of events, and part 2 was where all the action happens. I think this book could emphasize how children are often smarter than adults , and that women analyze problems contrary to the average man who relies on fighting. I wouldn't be able quit reading this book voluntarily!

Juancho Tomatorecolector2015 on 1/14/2015 3:08:42 AM says: This book a book an amazing book that is unexpected to see what is going to happen next. This book is also a good because it has a lot of action. This book has a good statement on how a girl can do the same things as men. She is very smart and cunning, and she perseveres until she accomplishes her goals.

Gonzalo D on 1/14/2015 3:06:40 AM says: I didn't really like the book because it wasn't very interesting. It didn't hook you up at all and was boring for most of the book. Still it did have interesting parts that were unexpected. If I had to rate the book I would give it 1 star.

Drew on 1/14/2015 3:05:39 AM says: I thought this book was well written and contained a lot of details. Although the book started out really slow the closer you got to the turning point , the more action there was. Avi helped you to understand what it was like to be in Charlotte's shoes, even if you had close to nothing in common with her. There was many unexpected turns in the plot and I could not put the book down. I do believe that even though I could relate with Charlotte in some ways her character could have been written with more depth. All in all this was a 5 star book.

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