How Gay is Neelix? Book Review Summary

At first, it may sound ridiculous to say that Neelix is gay; after all, he had a relationship with Kes, didn't he? But it was never clear whether this relationship was a romantic one or a Michael Jacksonish platonic one; remember, Kes was only 1 year old at the time, so sex with her would be something like molestation. If it was platonic, then it made sense when Kes broke up with Neelix, because he wouldn't put out. Remember when Kes was in heat and wanted to get laid, but Neelix had cold feet? Was that because he didn't want to be a father… or he didn't want to perform the act of becoming one with Kes?
Now, keep in mind that Neelix was also a highly artistic cook. And he liked to hang out with Tuvok; in fact, his first act upon beaming up to Voyager was giving Tuvok an erotic hug and then stripping for him in a bathtub. It's also noteworthy that Neelix hasn't had a single romantic relationship since Kes left. Why? It doesn't make sense… unless he's pining after Tuvok…. ("Come here and let me give you a great, big, hug Mr. Vulcan!")
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