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Jessie Relle found out she was a witch at the age of 18 years old. When her and a few friends decided to go to Vegas for there graduation. Since they live in Apply Valley, which isn't far from Vegas and there really is nothing to do in Apple Valley, they figured a few days of adventure was called for. While in Vegas Jessie and her friend Alex decide to play twenty-one, were they meet a guy named Russ. Russ seems to not lose at the game, unless he decides to lose on purpose.
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After Alex leaves the table twenty-one game because she lost everything she had, Jessie stays behind to play twenty-one with Russ. After a few hours, with Russ's help Jessie has won 57,989 in cash. While Russ has won 678,989. But since Jessie is under the age of 21 and is using a fake ID, Russ signs for all the money and tells Jessie to meet him in his room. While Jessie is waiting for Russ in his room she finds out that Russ works for West World. When Russ gets back to the room with the money Jessie decides to ask about West World. Jessie learns that West World is working on a device that can tell someone as soon as they are born what diseases they will contract throughout their life.
After a few more hours of drinking in Russ's room, Russ decides to teach Jessie to play a game called twenty-two. Which is also known as Red Queen. Which is a game like twenty-one, but the major difference is that you do not play for fun, you play for money. Russ tells Jessie that Twenty-two is older than Twenty-one. When Jessie and Russ end up making out in his room, Jessie begins to cry and says that she can't do it anymore. But before Jessie leaves Russ tells her that if she ever has any problems she has his key. Which, at the time Jessie doesn't understand, but takes the key anyways.
After Jessie gets back to her hotel room with Alex and Debbie and a few others, Jessie sees Jimmy sitting in the hallway waiting for her. Jimmy is Jessie's ex-boyfriend, who she just learned after getting to Vegas that the only reason he left her was because his ex Kari was pregnant and he was trying to do the right thing. But Jimmy and Jessie decide to get back together and decide to rent a boat for the next day. They spend the day on the boat, and as they come to shore Jessie runs into Kari, who was not actually supposed to even be in Vegas. Kari tells Jessie that they will do the same thing with her baby that they did with Kari and Jimmy's baby named Huck.
Jessie decides to tell Jimmy, but she has no idea what Kari is talking about. So on the way back to her hotel room she tells Jimmy that she is going to take a nap alone for a while. When she gets back to her room she decides to call Russ, to see if maybe he can help with what Kari had said to Jessie. So she takes a taxi and the driver takes her in the wrong direction. When he stops Jessie jumps out of the car and notices a woman who also seems to be lost and gets in the car with her. But what Jessie didn't realize was that she was the target of something she does not understand. The woman ends up knocking Jessie out with a tazer.
Jessie wakes up in a meat locker. At first Jessie tries to make sure that she doesn't get hypothermia. But then decides that she will use a meat hook to take the hinges off the door to get out. In the process Jessie ends up breaking her ankle. Only to end up passing out because of the cold. She ends up waking in the morgue. But she notices that she can't move or even blink her eyes. She hears two doctors talking. One is Dr. Jake and the other is Dr. Wheeler. Dr. wheeler has a call to the emergency room and leaves Dr. Jake to wait for her to get back. But when Dr. Jake decides to touch Jessie in ways that is not related to the dead, Jessie feels a burning sensation run through her body and she sits up and tells Dr. Jake that if he touches her again she will kill him. Right then Dr. Jake ends up having a heart attack. When Dr. Wheeler comes back to the morgue, Jessie is once again lying still on the morgue table, unable to move.
Dr. Wheeler tells Jessie she might have won this time, but she won't win next time and leaves. Jessie tries to move again, but yet she seems to be frozen and can't move. So Jessie tries to ignite the fire again and succeeds. After she is able to move around she leaves the morgue and goes in search of Russ's hotel room. Only to notice that one the way to russ's room, Jessie notices that Vegas seems to be very gloomy and dark. Everyone seems to also being playing twenty-two instead of twenty-one. Also everyone keeps calling her Mother. When she gets to Russ's room she starts to ask him questions and she realizes that he is calling her Jessica instead of Jessie. Which confuses her even more. When Russ gets her to come in and sit down, she finds out that she is in witch world.
Jessie learns that witch world is connected to the real world. In the real world she is known as Jessie, in witch world she is known as Jessica. Jessica finds out that she has witch genes that the only way to activate them is to go through the dying process, but only people with the witch gene to heal make it through the process and actually wake up from the death experience.
Jessica also learns that is witch world she has a daughter named Lara, who has the max witch genes anyone has ever known. She has a total of 10. She learns that if it is Saturday in witch world, when it becomes dawn, she will be in the real world and its Saturday all over again. She also learns that in witch world Jimmy from the real world is known as James. In the real world Lara is actually Jimmy and Kari's child Huck, who was known to be dead.
Jessica learns that Lara has been taken by the Lapras, who are evil and are the enemies of the council, known as the Tar. Jessica actually sees her father in witch world, who she has not seen in the real world since she was 4 years old. Jessica learns that the Lapra's got Lara because they used a red fog that made everyone confused and disoriented.
When it hits dawn in witch world Jessica wakes up in the real world and decides to tell Jimmy about the witch world and at first Jimmy thinks that she has went crazy. But after she demonstrates her new profound speed and strength, he finally believes her. While she is explaining the whole process to Jimmy, she decides to make sure that she is still meeting her father in the real world and calls his cell phone to make sure of the place to meet.
After three different taxi's to throw off anyone who is following them, Jessie and Jimmy are on there way to meet her father and run into a man named Kendor. Jessie learns that Kendor is part of the council and that he is 3,000 years old. Kendor takes Jessie to a secluded lake, with petroglyph's written on the walls that is centuries old. Kendor reads the Petroglyph for Jessie and it tells Jessie that her daughter Lara is said the be impossible to defeat. Jessie also learns that Lara in Latin means protector.
When Jessie gets back to her father's hotel room she gets told that the Lapra's want to meet with her. She finds out that they want to meet with her because Lara is causing them problems. Jessie also learns that Russ, also known as Russell in the witch world, is acting as a double agent. Meaning that he makes the Lapra think that he is working for them and he is actually working for the council. Jessie learns that she is meet with the Lapra's at midnight.
When Jessie and Russ get taken to a house that Lara is in. Jessie sees Dr. Wheeler and learns that she runs the Lapra's. Dr. Wheeler's name is Susan. Susan lets Jessie hold Lara and when Lara is taken back from Jessie. Jessie notices that when Lara cries the room starts to disorient and causes pain to anyone near by, but Jessie herself. Susan makes Jessie an offer of being able to live with Lara some where near Henderson. But the conditions are that Jessie and Lara stay away from the council and that Susan gets to see Lara once a week. Jessie tells Susan that she needed a few days to think about it and Susan agrees to it, but Lara can not leave the house with Jessie.
Susan wants Russ and Jessie to fight and who ever wins gets to walk out of that house alive. Russ picks a sward and Jessie takes the staff that looks like wood but is hard as stone. Russ gets a few hits with his sward, but Jessie gets angry and makes fire come out of the staff and it ends up setting Russ on fire and kills him.
The next day Jessie is talking to Cleo and everyone else on the council and they let her know that Russ died in both worlds. But Jessie asks Cleo if Susan has more witch genes then her and Cleo says that she has 8 and Susan might have 9, but no one really knows because Susan has never been tested.
Jessie and Jimmy rescue a boy named Whip in the real world, who can't talk and has a tail that he uses for writing. Whip seems to be a very caring child and is easy to get along with. But Susan has a son in witch wold, who is also Whip, but there he is an evil child. Instead of using his tail for writing, there is a scorpion stinger on the end with very venomous poison. He also able to talk in witch world.
While Jessie decides to walk in the sewers underneath the city, Jessie runs in the Frank, a Lapra and is about to get into a fight with him when Kendor shows up and beheads him. While down in the sewers Jessie learns more stuff about Kendor. That Susan is actually Syn and that Kendor and Syn were lovers for two thousand years. Kendor tells Jessie everything he can about Syn(Susan) so she knows what she is up against.
When Jessie gets back to her room that she shares with Alex and Debbie. Jessie meets Al, who Alex has seem to take a liking to. But Jessie doesn't understand what Alex sees in Al because Al is short and over weight. But Jessie learns that Al is also a double agent. Later that night as Jimmy and Jessie are in bed together, they end up falling asleep before dawn even arrives
Jessie wakes up in witch world and sees a man sitting on the couch of the living room and almost freaks out. But finds out that he is Al in the real world and he is known as Alfred in witch world. But Jessica realizes that Alfred looks nothing like Al in the real world. Which Jessica learns that he is the gene of invisibility. Meaning that he can change his appearance to anyone he wishes. In the real world Alex sees the man that Jessie sees in witch world. Someone who is tall, very well built with muscles, and has a dark complexion. But to Jessie in the real world, she sees Al as short and over weight.
Jessie learns that she also possesses the invisibility gene to. So Alfred teaches her how to use it. After making sure she has the tech-nick down Jessica decides to go to Kari's house. Kari in witch world is known as Karla. But Jessica learns that Kari lives in a guarded community, so she disguises her self and Susan and gets through. When she gets to Kari's house she changes back to herself and she tells Kari that she is going to kill her. Kari doesn't understand why, but Jessica tells Kari that she is doing it because she is a threat to Lara, Jessica, and Jimmy(in the real world).
Jessica ends up murdering Kari and buries her body out in the dessert. After a few hours of driving around Jessica decides to go to a pawn shop and by a semi automatic with a silencer. Then gets a phone call from Susan telling her to meet her at a place at around 9pm. Then after Jessica agrees to meet her Jessica gets a phone call from James. Jessica invites James to come with her to see Lara and Susan. James agrees to go. So Jessica decides to meet with the council first and they tell her to except Susan's offer to live with Lara where ever Susan chooses.
When Jessica and James head to the house that they are to meet Susan and Lara at. Susan asks what happened to Kari and Jessica says she has no idea. But Susan tosses a DVD at her says that even though disguises work on other people they do not work on camera's. So Jessica tells Susan that she killed her and buried her in the dessert. The she tells Susan she agrees to her terms of living with Lara, but she also wants James to live with them as well. Susan agrees and tries to talk to James into doing the death experience. Which Jessica actually figures out that James is really Jimmy.
When there is a knock on the door Kendor is standing at the door with a sward that has blood dripping from it. He asks to come in and Susan grants him to come in. As Kendor is talking to Susan, Jessica notices and odd shape in front of her. It is completely see through, but the window hangings on the other side or distorted. Then Alfred becomes visible in the same spot. Jessica notices that Susan has turned chalk white and is mouthing Herme. Jessica then realizes that Alfred is really Kendor and Syn's son Herme, who Susan thought was dead after he left for the United States.
When Kendor and Alfred use a fusion on Susan, Jessica ends up following Susan into the red realm. There Jessica finds out that Susan enjoys the pain and suffering of others because she gets a energy high from it and Jessica also learns that Susan is the Red Queen. After Susan and Jessica return from the Red Realm everyone that was in the room when they left is still standing there. But Kendor, Alfred, and James have no idea what Susan has actually done to Jessica. Jessica is under a spell that Susan has put on her and Jessica ends up shooting Kendor in the shoulder.
After Jessica shoots Kendor in the shoulder, Susan ends up stabbing Kendor in the heart. Then Whip, with the stinger tells Susan he wants to poison them and ends up actually putting the stinger in Susan's heart. At dawn Jessica wakes up as Jessie and realizes that in the real world Jimmy actually ended up killing himself, to be James in witch world.
Later Jessie realizes that Alex is a witch as well and will be turned at the next full moon. Jessie knows that even though Jimmy died in the real world he is James in witch world and is still alive there. While in the real world taking care of Huck and the Whip who is mute, Jessie gets a letter in the mail and learns that Susan is still alive and that she is with the Acolmist.
Best part of story, including ending: I really liked that the story took place in Vegas. Because Vegas is known as the city that never sleeps.

The review of this Book prepared by Amie Gray a Level 2 American Robin scholar

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Composition of Book Descript. of chases or violence 10%planning/preparing, gather info, debate puzzles/motives 30%Feelings, relationships, character bio/development 30%Descript. of society, phenomena (tech), places 30% Tone of book    -   sensitive (sigh....) FANTASY or SCIENCE FICTION?    -   part earth & part fantasy world Is this an adult or child's book?    -   Adult or Young Adult Book Horror story?    -   Yes Horror plotlets    -   the witch chased me on her broomstick!

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