The worst episodes of the Next Generation Book Review Summary

"The Inner Light". I will NEVER understand why so many people think this was such a great episode; NOTHING HAPPENED! Picard spends most of the hour dottering around with a sundial and having sex with his butch wife, while on the Enterprise, everyone was out for a coffee break. Some people say they like this episode because of the "life experience" that Picard had; but even if you like that aspect of it, he had a pretty dull life.

The one where Geordi turns into a monster wearing a glow in the dark leotard.

The one where Geordi did it with the imaginary Dr. Brahms.

The one where Geordi didn't do it with the real Dr. Brahms.

The one with the smiling glowing feel good alien who heals, makes everyone happy, and helps Geordi get some.

The one where Riker fell in love with the neuter girl. My only question: didn't they have any hardware compatibility problems?

The one where Counselor Troi goes inside her mother's mind and gets chased down the Enterprise hallways by a wolf.

The one where Picard encounters a future version of himself who lies in sickbay for an hour mumbling to himself. What was that all about?

"Haven" where Troi is trapped in an arranged marriage by her oversexed mother.

The one where the oversexed Mrs. Troi comes on to a hologram.

The one where the oversexed Mrs. Troi comes on to the guy who played Major Winchester on Mash (only in this episode he had disgusting glowing veins on his forehead).

Any other Mrs. Troi episode I've forgotten to mention. Why was she on the show anyway? We all know--she was married to Roddenberry. Well, Nichelle Nichols reportedly had a relationship with Roddenberry too, but we didn't have to endure her as a guest star year after year. Listen, as the voice of the ship's computer, Mrs. Roddenberry is tops. It's when she appears on camera that there's a problem.
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