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So, this book takes place in two time periods, 1931 and 1938, in the latter time at beach houses in Rhode Island. In 1931 Lily is mostly being boned by Nick and in 1938 mostly by Graham. It's confusing because the timeframe constantly flip back and forth. Do not worry, I will make it clear to you what is happening in what timeframe.


1938: Lily and her friend Budgie are in Rhode Island for the summer. Budgie is married to Nick, who Lily almost married. Budgie and Lily get naked for a lesbian swim. Budgie admires Lily's naked body. Lily noticed Budgie's erect nipples, and the lack of pubic hair between her legs. Budgie notices Lily staring hungrily at her v_gina and tells Lily that men love it when women shave the hair off down there. This is easily the best scene in the entire book.

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Lily has a six year old sister named Kiki. Because Kiki is the product of adultery, I will refer to her as Kinky for the rest of the book. Everyone thinks that Kinky is really Lily's daughter and not her sister, and that Nick squirted Kinky into Lily when he used to date her.


1931: Nick, a Jewish guy who likes bagels, lox, and Seinfeld reruns, is engaging in foreplay with Lily. He touches her breasts, then apologizes for doing so, heh heh heh.

"Don't stop," says Lily. Already her breast feels chilled, exposed, deprived of Nick's warm hand.

Lily is a real slut, she wants to be banged, but Nick doesn't think it honorable to do so. What planet has he just arrived from?


1938: A baseball player named Graham starts courting Lily. Budgie tells Lily that she arranged to have Graham court her.


1931: Lily's father gets upset when he learns that Nick wants to marry her. Lily's father doesn't like Jews, and recoils at the thought of Nick's circumcised p_nis thrusting in his daughter's Protestant v_gina.


1938: Graham starts having sexual foreplay with Lily. This is so confusing, isn't it? I mean, Lily is getting boned by two different guys in two different time zones. Graham pulls down Lily's dress and takes off her bra. He poured some whiskey on her breasts and started to suck it with his tongue. As Graham gave Lily sexual pleasure, Lily thought of Nick, who was boning Budgie in the next room. After squeezing her breasts, Graham says they should stop. He's acting like a space alien too.

Later, Nick tells Lily that after they broke up in 1931, he went to Paris and boned a bunch of women, but that he didn't enjoy it because he was still in love with Lily. He didn't enjoy a minute of it, heh heh.

Lily decides to marry Graham and they get engaged. Graham still refuses to bone Lily even though they are engaged.

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