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People who are autistic can express themselves with deeds. Ove is emotionally constipated; he has trouble expressing himself with words. So when he feels positively towards someone, he will offer to do nice things for them, like fix their radiators or their fences or their bicycles.

Vulnerable people can be easily manipulated into becoming your slave. Ove is very emotionally vulnerable here because of the death of his wife, Sonja. Parvaneh, his neighbor, sees that and repeatedly takes advantage of him, pressing him to do errands for him and making him his unpaid servant. When other neighbors see that, they start taking advantage of him as well.

Being other people's slave is an empty and meaningless life. While Ove tries to find purpose being the neighborhood slave, shoveling snow off peoples' lawns, fixing bicycles, building fences and walls for people, fixing their radiators, his life is really still quite meaningless, which explains why he dies only a few years later; he dies of complete and utter boredom.

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Anal sex can cause problems with your Muslim Dad. Mirsad is forced to move out because his presumably Muslim Dad (Mirsad is a Muslim name), does not approve of his anal sex activities. People are killed in Islamic countries because of it.

Lonely guys need a girlfriend. Ove was depressed but never tried to get another girlfriend or use a local prostitute. Perhaps if he had he wouldn't have been so depressed.

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