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Anyway, one time Walton suggests that Christina come to Boston with her and see a doctor for her crippled legs. Christina is offended by the suggestion because being crippled has become part of her identity. I think she enjoys being miserable.

Walton writes dry letters to Christina during the fall, winter, and spring while he is away. The letters are very boring and don't even hint at sex but Christina is very excited to read them. Walton writes about his classes and his teachers and his zzzzzz.... I'm sorry, did I fall asleep?

After several summers of romance, Christina asks Walton for a commitment. Walton replies, "Oh Christina, some things don't need explanation, do they?" which is a clever way of getting out of it. You really have to wonder why Walton can't get a normal girl back home with normal arms and legs. There's got to be something wrong with him--erectile dysfunction, maybe?--but the book never makes that clear.

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Christina breaks her ankle walking down the road because walking is so difficult for her. She drags her body across the mud to a neighbor's house and begs for help, looking and sounding very pathetic. Has this story gotten sad enough for you yet? Just wait, there's more.

Walton tells Christina his parents don't approve of Christina and want him to bone a chick with normal arms and legs, and while he's at it preferentially one who's gotten more than an eighth grade education.

The day before Walton is to leave at the end of the summer he starts feeling Christina's v_gina, one of the few parts of her that presumably works. She feels Walton's erect aristocratic p_nis pressing against her twisted mutant legs. At that moment Walton promises that the two of them will always be together.

Christina, foolishly believing a promise brought on by an erection, is overjoyed.

When Walton leaves he immediately stops writing her. Soon Christina learns that he is going to marry someone else, and he hasn't even told Christina about it.  So much for his solemn erect p_nis promise.

Is this story sad enough for you yet? Wait, there's more.

Christina's crippled-ness gets worse and she start using her elbows, wrists and knees to lift heavy pots, balance the teakettle and fill it with water like she's an acrobat or clown act at the circus.

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