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Plot Summary Part 3

Christina finally agrees to see a doctor. The doctor tells her there is nothing he can do for her condition. Much relieved, Christina rushes back to small town Maine to resume her thoroughly unpleasant life.

Christina's father gets an offer to sell their struggling farm for $50,000. $50,000 in the 1920's is like a lot of money. But Christina's bitchy mother refuses to sell the farm because it has been in her family for generations, even though they are struggling just to survive.

Many years later, Christina's mother dies in a sad way. Then her father dies in a sad way. Then Christina's brother Sam bones some chick and moves away, leaving just Christina and her brother Al to take care of the farm. Then Al starts boning some other chick and Christina is worried he will leave too, so he starts badmouthing the girlfriend, saying the girlfriend is only after Al for his half of the farm. Christina desperately wants Al to stay with her on the farm so she can have someone else to be miserable with her. Al, the total fool, stops boning the chick and stays with Christina on the farm.

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Is the story sad enough for you yet?

Wait, there's more.

Christina loses the ability to walk. She refuses to use a wheelchair because she is proud/retarded (take your pick). So she crawls everywhere like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, who she is also starting to resemble.

Finally, we return to the present and the story of Andrew, the painter. I have spared you like 100 pages of descriptions of paintings of barns and  tractors and outhouses and how brilliant they all are. Anyway, Andrew tells Christina that she's had a wonderful life. That if she had gotten married to Walton that he never would have appreciated how great she was.
Christina runs to Al and apologizes for keeping him on the farm and keeping him from that chick he liked to bone. Al says everything is ok because he decided on his own to stay with miserable Christina so he could be miserable too and this makes no sense to me at all.

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