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Alice: Alice is a woman on her honeymoon trying to understand why her husband Justin bailed on her. Did she forget to use deodorant or mouthwash? Did she smell bad when Justin went down on her on their wedding night? Alice doesn't know.


Justin: Alice's new husband. Right before he married her, he boned some other chick and leaves Alice for an old girlfriend during their honeymoon. He's one class act!


Evelyn: Evelyn is a woman who was married to a guy named Mark, but the sex didn't excite her so she let a guy named Eddie bone her, and toyed with the idea of leaving Mark. On the one hand, she's in love with Eddie, but on the other hand, she's been married to Mark a long time and been a reliable source of steady p_nis.

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Eddie: Eddie is a crazy guy ("Crazy Eddie", heh heh) who fell in love with Evelyn after seeing her once. This makes no sense. He pursues her for years, eventually wearing her down so he could bone her. He has a wife and child but thinks he would be doing them a great favor if he abandoned them for Evelyn.


Mark: Evelyn's husband. He's rich and enjoys having a convenient sex partner like his wife.

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