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Evelyn is adamant, and absolutely refuses, until a few pages later when she is kissing Eddie and letting him rip off her clothes.

Evelyn "enjoyed the feel of a different man's body". She's excited by the idea of adultery!

As Eddie boned Evelyn, plowing into her, Evelyn thought of her husband, heh heh.  Like I said, the idea of adultery excites her.

My favorite sentence in the whole book:

"Afterwards we are back on the side position, looking at one anothers' thing." Evelyn is staring at Eddie's spent and shrunken schlong while Eddie is busy staring at Evelyn's sorely stretched vulva. How erotic! Carol Mason should write porn for a living.

Eddie tells Evelyn that he is leaving his wife Laura. When Evelyn asks about Eddie's little girl, Eddie assures her that he is leaving his wife Laura, but not his child.
This makes absolutely no sense. It's mental gymnastics. Of course if he leaves his wife he is also leaving his child. Eddie even says it will be good for his child, because he wouldn't want her raised by parents who don't love each other. Eddie makes out like he is doing his child a favor by divorcing his mom and moving away, heh heh heh.

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Evelyn refuses to leave her husband for Eddie, which probably means she will do so in a few chapters.

Back in the present, Alice finds out that Justin, who left her during the honeymoon, is shacking up with some other chick, which most of us had figured out from page 1.

Back in the past, Eddie writes Evelyn passionate letters telling her that the three times he has seen her in his life are the most treasured memories he has of his entire life.

Evelyn tries to hint to her husband Mark that she has been boned by Eddie, saying that she met up with Eddie and that he was a past boyfriend and that he was handsome. But instead of getting jealous, Mark just asks for some pie. That night, he didn't even try to bone her.

So Evelyn writes Eddie a letter stating that she is she is open to further boning in the adultery department. But she says that before she leaves Mark, Eddie must leave his wife and child first.

Heh heh, heh heh heh. Sorry, I can't stop laughing. You'll find out why in a moment.

Back in the present, Justin tells Alice the reason why he left her on their honeymoon. Just before he got married, his ex-girlfriend Lisa told him he had a three month old son. The son is very sick and can die at any moment, so Justin feels he has to go back to Lisa and the sick son. Alice acts like boning an ex-girlfriend and impregnating her is not a problem for her. But Justin says it was enough for him to leave her and return to Lisa.

Alice says she would love to get to know Justin's bastard love child and to be a part of their family, heh heh. Come on, what woman who just got married is going to be excited to meet her husband's bastard child? This is totally ridiculous!

But Justin doesn't take the bait.

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