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Whatever Alice has got between her legs, Justin doesn't want any more of it. He makes an excuse. He says that he has bad sperm that makes sick babies and so doesn't want Alice to be married to a man who can't squirt normal babies into her. But Alice immediately exposes this for a passive aggressive lie. Justin just wants to make her feel that he is doing a favor by dumping her, when the truth is that he utterly betrayed her. On their honeymoon!

Justin says he is living with Lisa but not having sex with her. Is Alice dumb enough to believe any of this? I don't think so. Justin is pretending he is leaving Alice to be responsible to his son, when in fact his whole infidelity is because of the opposite, that he is extremely irresponsible.

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What's incredible is even after all this Alice still wants him to stay. But Justin leaves.

Back in the past, Evelyn tells Mark that she let Eddie bone her. But, incredibly, she does not want to leave Mark. She's being passive-aggressive, just like Mark. She admits the affair and asks Mark if she wants her to leave. She wants Mark to make the decision to end their marriage, not her, because she doesn't want to take responsibility for it. Mark, realizing that he would be cut off from sex if Evelyn leaves, says that he wants her to stay, figuring that perhaps with enough plowing she will no longer feel a hankering for Eddie's schlong.

The funny thing about it all: Mark was most upset not about the adultery, but the fact that Evelyn did it with a gardener. Mark is a rich guy and doesn't like lower class people. If Evelyn had spread her legs for a rich guy he would have felt better about it.

Mark tells Evelyn that he knew she was unhappy but thought she had become happy being unhappy. If this makes sense to you raise your hand. I guess he was wrong because Evelyn never did become happy being unhappy.

So now here's the problem: Evelyn told Eddie she would leave Mark if Eddie first told his wife that he was leaving her. Well, Eddie did that, and his wife kicked him out, moved away so he couldn't see his daughter... but Evelyn changed her mind and is no longer going to live with Eddie.

So Eddie broke up with his wife for nothing! Eddie is furious at first, but later he forgives Evelyn. What a wimp! This woman destroyed his marriage and separates him from his child, and Eddie forgives her.

Eddie lives the rest of his life as a lonely guy who is shunned by all, thanks to Evelyn's betrayal. Then he gets into a bar fight and gets some kind of brain damage which turns him into a retard. I guess Carol Mason felt Eddie hadn't suffered himself and decided he needed to be turned into a vegetable.

Meanwhile Evelyn, acting like a real bitch, thought less of Eddie because he would leave his wife and child to be with her.

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