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Misery loves company. Alice is upset when Justin leaves her, but when she hears Evelyn's sob story, she feels better about her own situation.


 Paintings make adultery feel good. Alice draws strength from the painting "Christina's World". Snobby art lovers feel their lives are more important when they can relate them to highly regarded art.


Most people have loveless marriages. It seems everyone in this story was trapped in loveless marriages. There wasn't a single non-dysfunctional couple in the entire story. Was this story secretly advocating polygamy?


Adulterers engage in wishful thinking. Eddie tells Evelyn he is doing his child a favor by abandoning his wife. Heh heh. It still makes me laugh!

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Condoms are a ridiculous method of birth control. Justin's problem started when he refused to wear a condom while boning Lisa. Condoms radically reduce the amount of sensations a p_nis feels inside a v_gina. They're ridiculous, like asking a couple to each put on a plastic bag from head to toe before having sex.

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