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Wavonna is a little black girl. Her mother Val is a drug dealer and drug addict. Wavonna doesn't like the weird pseudo-African sound of her name so calls herself Wavy. Although Wavy is only six years old she is portrayed as being brilliant. She knows all the names of the constellations of the stars, a fact we are reminded of like a hundred times.

But Wavy doesn't talk, so people think she is a retard.

The reason Wavy doesn't talk is that her mother Val abused her. One time Val caught Wavy talking to the neighbors and Val worried Wavy was going to reveal her drug dealing ways, so Val shook Wavy and warned her never to talk to other people. That is why Wavy barely talks.

She also does not eat in front of other people, her mother scared her that way too. For hundreds of pages in the book her not-talking and not-eating-in-public is talked about over and over and over.

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From time to time while her mother Val was in jail Wavy would stay with her Aunt Brenda, but Brenda was frustrated by Wavy's silence and apparent lack of eating.

When Wavy went to school she was put into a class with drooling retards. This upset Wavy's grandmother very much. She spoke to the teacher and showed her that Wavy was not a retard, she was just silent. Wavy's grandmother dies by page 20 so I am not going to waste my time telling you her name.

Wavy's mother Val is very abusive and beats up Wavy all the time. Wack wack wack! Wavy was used to eating only when her mother wasn't watching and was used to eating food out of the trash. Val and her husband Liam fought a lot and Wavy hid in the attic with her little brother Donal.

Then Wavy meets a fat American Indian named Kellen. Kellen is a drug dealer who works for Liam but he is kindly and takes care of Wavy, driving her to school and buying her boots every year. They form a strong friendship before Kellen becomes a predatory pedophile.

They go and lie in the meadow at nights and Wavy tells Kellen the names of the constellations as they lie together platonically, again before Kellen becomes a pedophile.

 Kellen meets a girl with a big snake tattoo on her arm. Snake Girl wants to bone Liam but Liam tells Kellen to bone her while he attends to another woman. Snake Girl isn't really interested in Kellen but nonetheless unzips Kellen's pants, grabs his p_nis and jerks it off until he squirts. Wavy watches her do it, and takes notes as she plans to do the same to Kellen.

After Snake Girl jerks off Kellen's p_nis he goes to a meadow and looks at stars with Wavy. Watching stars with Wavy excites him more than Snake Girl's hand job.

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