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Allie: Allie is a 15 year old girl whose parents get arrested for tax evasion. She gets sent to a group home but is abused, and so runs away. She goes on a road trip with Bea, an old thief lady, and Allie makes Bea more sensitive. Then Allie brings Bea home and they stuff and mount her and in the living room like a stuffed moose's head. (Ok, she just comes home to live with stuffing, no mounting.)


Bea: Bea is an old lady whose husband died, and, due to her very low IQ, she loses all her money. She rides up and down the California coast in a van with Allie. Allie teaches her to be sensitive and they grow to love each other. Awwww......

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Brick: Brick is the girl in the group home who steals Allie's things. Allie runs away from the group home because Brick boyfriend arrives, and promises to tear Allie a new asshole for messing with his woman.


Victor:  Victor is the pimp for a bunch of child prostitutes. He tries to get Allie to join up but Allie doesn't know how to spread her legs for guys.


Casper: Casper is an 81 year old car mechanic they encounter on their travels who tries to bone Bea. But Bea isn't interested, probably because she realizes 81 year old guys can't get an erection.

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