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Bea has told something personal, something vulnerable about herself to strangers. What tremendous drama!!!!!


These "tremendous personality changes" are really such small things. When the book hypes them up, it feels inauthentic and insubstantial. Do you know what a big personality change is? When a mean person becomes generous. Or when a sad person suddenly becomes merry. An old lady telling people she's in debt is not a big personality change. I'm not even sure it's a personality change at all. We are told repeatedly that Bea is "closed" and doesn't talk much about herself, so this is a "great change". Believe it if you like.

We are told Bea changes even more (if that's possible!). Formerly she's very cheap. But now she becomes more willing to spend money to stop at campsites for the night and to eat in restaurants. She's become more willing to spend money--which is Allie's money, by the way. See how generous Bea's become... with other people's money?

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As they travel they always encounter kind strangers who offer to buy them food and help them out. It's as if everyone in America is kind and friendly and giving. As you read this, give yourself a hug.

When the van breaks down, they find an 81 year old mechanic named Casper who offers them a room for the night. In the morning he takes them to a garbage dump by the sea and tells them how beautiful the garbage strewn beach is. They solemnly agree.

Casper tries to bone Bea but she only lets him kiss her. Bea does not want to stay with Casper, however, even though she is penniless, homeless, and lonely. The only reason I can think of for her to say no is that she wants a man she can have sex with and 81 year olds are not notorious for having the ability to get erections.

Finally they get to Cape Flatulence, I mean Cape Flattery. They walk to the water's edge. There is almost no description of what they see. But both Bea and Allie agree it is tremendous. Life changing!!!! What an amazing climax to this exciting book!!!! I guess you have to use your imagination to figure out what is happening, because you won't find it in this book.

Then, there at the beach in Washington state, thousands of miles from California, Allie gets picked up by the police. They have been looking for her nonstop, even though there has been no sign of pursuit, but here, in Washington state, two states away, a policeman just happens to appear and arrest her. That's called a very convenient plot twist.

Allie is taken away and put in juvenile detention. She whines about not having the right food. She goes before a judge.

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