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Allie still doesn't understand, even though she knows Victor's home is filled with young girls. But when Victor offers to buy her an iPhone, finally Allie gets it. She tells Victor she can't let men bone her because her v_gina is not open for business yet. Victor takes the news in stride and invites her to go home with her and think about it overnight. Allie agrees.

Now tell me, who is dumber, Allie, or Bea? It's pretty close.

That night Jasmine confesses that she took Allie to a child prostitution ring. She tells Allie she has to leave or that Victor will sell her to another pimp who will force her to let men ejaculate into her. Allie tries to leave but she is too late, she is caught by the new pimp who Victor sells her to.

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The new pimp is meaner than Victor. Allie escapes from him on foot at a gas station. She climbs into Bea's van and pleads with Bea to help her escape. Bea reluctantly agrees and takes her to the next town. She boots Allie from her van at the next town but then has a change of heart and buys her breakfast.

Allie leaves Bea after she finds out that Bea is a thief, but she quickly returns.

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