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Young girls can make old people feel sensitive. Bea is all closed up and doesn't express feelings. But Allie works on her and makes her sensitive. Young people can make old people more sensitive. By the end of the book Bea is as expressive as Oprah, she's like a white Oprah.


Vegans are obnoxious. Many times in the story Allie is offered free food but she thumbs her nose up at it because she is "vegan"; that means she not only will not eat meat, but will not eat eggs or drink milk. What's the harm in drinking milk? They just squeeze a cow's tits. The cows even likes it, it feels sexual to them. Allie even refuses to eat food made from flour. She's obnoxious, like most "vegans". Just listen to her go on and on:

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"I'm a VEGAN and there's a LOT of things I DON'T EAT. Like sugar. Like refined carbs. Or anything with soy or hydrogenated oils or high-fructose corn syrup. No eggs, no diary, no honey. Because of the bees that have to make it. They keep them captive, you know. The things most people think of as food I would not eat at all."

What a bitch.


Homeless people choose to be homeless. Bea chooses to live in a van, effectively homeless, when she runs out of money, even though she could go to a homeless shelter, get food from a soup kitchen, and go on welfare. Most people who are homeless choose to be homeless like Bea.


81 year old men probably can't get erections. Bea rejects Casper's advances, even though she is alone and has no money and even though he is a very kind man. She doesn't give a substantive reason for doing so. The only reason I can think of is that Casper is 81 years old and Bea still wants a man who can have get an erection. Even an older woman in her 70's like Bea probably still wants that.

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