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Ifemelu: Ifemelu is the main character, a girl from Nigeria who goes to America, has a lot of sex, gets rich calling Americans racist, then comes back to Nigeria to steal Obinze (see below) away from his wife and child. She's an extremely unsympathetic character. She devours boyfriends, casting them aside when she gets bored. She gets rich writing a blog about American racism, when her very success shows the opposite. She abandons her childhood sweetheart, Obinze, then many years later returns to Nigeria and steals him from his wife. What a racist cold-hearted bitch!


Obinze: Ifemelu's boyfriend. He doesn't have much personality. He lusts after Ifemelu like a puppydog. He spends his life cleaning shit out of toilets and doing menial job until he gets rich in a life of crime. He is married to a Nigerian woman named Kosi and has a child named Buchi but abandons them to be with Ifem.

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Dike: The son of Auntie Uju and the ruler of Nigeria (!). Despite his name, he is not a lesbian.


Auntie Uju: Ifem's Aunt. She's getting boned by the ruler of Nigeria Together they create Dike, heh heh. She has to run away from Nigeria when the ruler dies in a plane crash.


Curt: Ifemelu's white American boyfriend. She cheats on him when she gets tired of him.


Blaine: Ifemelu's black American boyfriend. A professor at Yale. She discards him when she tires of him.

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