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Christine wakes up in bed with a married man she does not know. She thinks she's been spreading her legs for someone else's husband. She looks in a mirror and realizes she looks older than she remembered. She sees a bunch of photographs with pictures of her and the guy in bed. The photos are captioned and tell her that her name is Christine and that she is married to a guy named Ben, the guy in bed.

Ben wakes up and tells Christine who he is and that many years have passed. He says that Christine has amnesia. Not only can she not remember anything from the past 20 years, but every night when she goes to sleep she forgets whatever has happened during the day. So every day Ben has to explain to her who she is and who he is. That's tiresome for Ben but at least he gets some good sex out of it from time to time.

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After Ben goes to work, Christine gets a call from someone named Dr. Nash. Dr. Nash claims he has been seeing Christine but of course Christine doesn't remember it since she forgets every day what happened previously. Even stranger, Dr. Nash says that Christine has been keeping her visits to Dr. Nash from her husband Ben. Dr. Nash says that Christine has been keeping a journal hidden in the closet and she should go and read it. Sure enough she finds the journal and reads that she has been seeing Dr. Nash. The journal also says, in big letters, "Don't trust Ben!".

That night, Ben reaches down and grabs Christine by the pussy. He wants to bone her. Christine declines, saying, not that night. Of course, the next day, she won't know who he is again.

But each day, Dr. Nash calls her to tell her where she hid her diary, and each day she quickly relearns what she has learned on previous days.  On another day, Christine asks to see wedding photos of her and Ben, but Ben said they were lost in a fire. Immediately we know something is wrong. My guess at this point is that she and Ben were never married, which, as you will see, is sort of correct.

Christine visits a place she used to live and gets a memory of Ben, nude with an erect p_nis bouncing up and down as he walked. Obviously, he planned to put it inside of her. In her memory, Ben started to rip of her clothing, and Christine said, "No, stop!" but then she changed her mind and ran with Ben to the bedroom so he could bang her furiously. Christine is such an easy lay once you get her revved up.

Dr. Nash tells Christine that she's a published novelist, something Ben never told her. In fact when she asks Ben about it, he tells her she's never written a thing. That makes Christine suspicious of Ben for the first time.

Ben also told Christine that they had no children but Christine finds out they had a son named Adam. This makes Christine suspicious of Ben for a second reason. She confronts Ben and he admits they had a son named Adam but he died killing muslims in Afghanistan, and he kept this from her because he didn't want her to learn this sad news, day after day, each time the first for her, because her memory keeps getting wiped.

So at this point the reader is left wondering, is Ben being kind, or is he doing something bad? ***This is basically the entire storyline for the rest of the book.

One morning, before Christine fully woke up and Ben could explain to her who she was, Ben took this opportunity to bone her. This was kind of cruel as Christine did not yet know who he was. Christine tried to resist, but not very hard. He pulled her shirt off and took off her bra. Christine whispered "no" as he took off her panties but then she felt something hard between her knees. Guess what that was, heh heh.

Christine changed her mind and decided she wanted to be boned. Ben banged her real good and Christine tried to open herself up more to him, clinging to his back as he used her. What a slut! She didn't even know who he was! But her v_gina needed to be fed....

But then, while Ben was boning her, Christine got a memory of another man boning her with a different face, a man with a scar.

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