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Grace has a sister named Millie who is a retard. Grace uses Millie to drive boyfriends away, insisting that when she gets married that Millie must move in with them. Guys don't like to be cockblocked like that so for a long time Grace is alone. Then suddenly Jack appears. He dances with Millie in the park. Grace is thrilled. Then Jack courts Grace and they quickly agree to get married, even though Jack has never tried to bone her.

That should raise alarm flags in the reader's mind. I immediately thought he was homosexual or couldn't get it up, or was a woman disguised as a man or something like that. But to the book's credit, there actually was a very unexpected reason he was courting Grace.

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For you see, Jack likes to torture people. He was attracted to Grace because of her sister, Millie. He was attracted to the idea of torturing a retarded woman, so he married Grace so he could get to Millie. By the way we have plow through like a 100 pages of boring friend-talk to get to this point, which is why you've undoubtedly shelled out the big bucks to read this great summary instead of burning several hours of your life on this book.

We learn that Grace's parents don't give a f about Millie and in fact wanted to abort her when they learned she was going to be born a retard. But Grace insisted that her Mom not kill her baby and promised to take care of her once Mrs. Grace squeezed Millie out from her bloody twat.

Grace, incredibly, wanted Millie to go on her honeymoon with Jack. Jack agreed but at the last minute we are told that Grace broke her leg falling down some steps. It is obvious to the reader, of course, that Jack did this, but Grace is clueless.

When they get to Thailand for their honeymoon, Grace finds out the truth. Jack tells her that he doesn't love her and married her so he could torture Millie. Jack says that growing up his dad used to beat his mom up and lock her in the basement and soon Jack took over the franchise and did the same thing. But one day Jack beat his mom too hard and she died. Jack blamed his Dad and his Dad went to jail. From then on Jack looked for ways to torture people. He became an attorney for battered wives, not because he liked helping women, but because he enjoyed the stories of their beatings.

(Jack also tells Grace that he doesn't want to bone her. That's why he ran away during their wedding night. Grace wonders if he likes to squirt himself in men's asses.)

When Grace finds out the truth about Jack's personality, she immediately wants to leave the hotel and go to the airport and leave. But incredibly, she has given Jack her passport, phone, and all her money. Why did she do that?

This is only the first of many times when we see that Grace, despite what she says, really wants to be Jack's slave.

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