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Agnes: A woman in Iceland sentenced to death for murdering Natan (see below). She is sent to a farm to live with a wife and kids before her execution. No, I am not joking. Hundreds of pages are spent describing her tend livestock and milking cows before her head gets chopped off.


Marget: Agnes is sent to Marget's farm. Marget has small kids and worries about having a convicted killer on her farm at first, but then develops a soft spot for Agnes.


Toti: Toti is the priest sent to listen to Agnes's confession. But it's so boring that he gets sick and runs away.


Fridrik: Fridik is another guy, in addition to Agnes, who killed Natan. He lives on a nearby farm. He likes to drop by Natan's farm to steal things as well as bone Siggi.

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Siggi: Siggi is a servant on Natan's farm. She is responsible for making sure the farm animals and Natan's p_nis are properly cared for.


Natan: Natan is the owner of a farm. He's very egotistical and nutty. He gets into bad moods and treats everyone around him poorly. He treats Siggi and Agnes badly, but compensates them by boning them from time to time. He even lets Agnes watch when he bones Siggi. Not joking.


By the way, nearly everyone in this story has mysterious Swedish dots or slashes over the vowels in their names, making them sound like character names of elves and dwarves from Lord of the Rings. But since this is an American guide to this book, an extremely inexpensive American guide, I might add, I will not be adding dots and slashes to their names. It's not an American thing to do.

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