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It is very interesting zzzzzzz, I'm sorry, did I drop off for a moment there?

Agnes arrives at Natan's farm but is surprised to find another servant there named Siggi. Agnes is upset because she thought she would be the senior worker but Siggi appears to be. When Natan appears he tries to make it up to Agnes by boning her in the cowshed. Mooo!

 The smell of cowshit must have been very erotic to the lovers. Natan was such a rough lover that he left bruises, but Agnes seemed to like the bruises as they were evidence that Natan had boned her.

Agnes was still upset that Natan hadn't told her about Siggi. Natan attempted to allay her concerns again by putting Agnes on a table, lifting up her skirts, and let him "push himself inside" her.

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A guy named Fridrik from a neighboring farm dropped by from time to time. He was a thief and tried to find money to steal from Natan. Natan actually found this amusing (I'm not sure why) and for a time enjoyed having Fridrik around.

Agnes learns that Natan had a former lover named Rosa who she had a baby with. Rosa drops by with their daughter and, seeing Agnes and Siggi, calls them whores. Agnes feels hurt by this as Natan never pays them for having sex. Or does he? They are paid for working on his farm; is having sex considered part of their job responsibilities?

Back in the present, Marget gets sick, so Agnes tells her to eat boiled moss. She does and feels better and starts to like Agnes.

Back in the past, one time Agnes tried to get Natan to bone her again but Natan pulled her away. He was in one of his crazy moods. Natan got into crazy moods a lot. In this crazy mood, he was on a boat and felt a wave and believed it was a "death wave", and that death was coming for him. So he didn't want to bone Agnes because he was upset about this whole death wave thing. He said he dreamed of death and sees blood, everywhere. It's almost like Natan has been reading this book and skipped to the end!
Natan says: "I dream that I'm in bed and I can see blood running down the walls... but then I see you."

Hmm, I wonder what that could mean? This is just sloppy foreshadowing.

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