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She wants a man with a working p_nis. Jock refuses, saying he would be humiliated by a divorce.

Beryl says she is going to go off and get her horse training license and train horses for other ranchers. Evidently like being a doctor or a dentist you need a "license" to train horses, which makes no sense to me. Anyway Beryl gets her license and gets a job training horses for a guy named D. Yes, his name is D. And no, he is not a heavy black rapper.

The manager of D's ranch is called Boy. He is a man called Boy. Boy tries to have sex with Beryl but she refuses; after all, she is a married woman. But three pages later she accepts, and Beryl gets boned by Boy many times. So Beryl is having sex with a man named Boy; but at least Boy's p_nis works better than the man named Jock.

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Jock invites some neighbors over for dinner, and while they are there he starts hammering a nail into the wall. He says loudly that each time Beryl gets boned by another man he will pound a nail into the wall to keep track of all the different men Beryl is letting into her v_gina. For a man who is ashamed of the embarrassment of divorce he sure isn't shy about letting other people know that his wife is being boned by other men.

After 16 years Beryl's mom returns to Africa. Beryl finds out that she was actually married to someone else, in addition to her father, and had two kids by the other father, but husband #2 died and so she is coming to live with Beryl. Beryl gets her a small house but Beryl's fancy mom doesn't like it and leaves immediately. Beryl thinks her mom is a cold bitch for abandoning her in Africa without explanation.

Beryl meets a safari guy named Denys who is seeing his friend Karen. But Beryl doesn't care and she lets Denys bone her once. Then Denys is off to safari again.

Her husband Jock shows up and beats the crap out of Beryl's boss Mr. D, even though Mr. D has nothing to do with anything. Mr. D fires Beryl from her job because all of her slutty adultery is not good for business. She was hired to ride horses, not other men.

So Beryl, incredibly, follows her old boyfriend Boy to England, even though Boy is now married to another woman. How incredibly awkward! But Beryl doesn't care. Meanwhile she discovers that she is pregnant with Denys's baby. But they don't do abortions in England so Beryl has it done in France, even though it is a very, very, very late term abortion--let's put it this way, her baby is so old that it is about to enter the third grade.

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