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Lions make bad pets. Lions don't make good pets. They are wild creatures. When one Kenyan family lets one roam around their property, it takes a big bite out of Beryl. They would have been much, much better off with a cocker spaniel.


Premarital sex before marriage can be a good thing. Beryl marries a guy she knows nothing about. Even worse, she never had sex with him. Then when she marries Jock she learns he can't get an erection. She might as well have married a lesbian! That's why premarital sex can be a good idea to make sure that all the equipment is in working order, if you know what I mean.


Women who ride horses have high sex drives. Beryl really likes to ride horses--and men. She has a slutty reputation known throughout Kenya because of all the men she has let bone her. I can't help but feel that there's some connection to riding horses, having her legs wrapped around a hot piece of beef that bounces up and down between her legs--women who like to ride horseback have strong sex drives.

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Always check with your girlfriend BEFORE bringing her to an orgy. When Frank brings Beryl to a group orgy, he assumes she is into it because she has a reputation of being slutty throughout Kenya. But Beryl isn't into sex with strangers (except her husbands and several boyfriends) and is turned off by it, showing that women need to be consulted fully before being brought to orgies.


Horseback riding while pregnant can cause a baby to be born without an asshole. Being born without an asshole is very unusual. You have to wonder if Beryl bumping up and down on a horse prevented her baby from developing its ass region. Beryl, who chose to live on a different continent from her child, didn't seem overly concerned over her assless baby's fate.

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