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John lived with his Dad. He came to resent his Dad because his family was poor and he was ashamed to bring his friends to his poor home. When his friends got cars for their 16th birthday, his Dad simply gave him a coin. His dad was a coin nut, he collected coins. In fact, the ONLY THING his Dad could talk about was coins. Nothing else. It wasn't until years later that John realized his Dad was a retard, because the only thing he could talk about was his coin collection. But at the time it made John angry that his Dad couldn't communicate with him, and at one point John said he didn't want to talk about f'in coins anymore.

John was a dummy at school, so, with no ideas what to do with his life, joined the army. Dumb people did well in the enlisted ranks. All they had to do was know how to do pushups, jog, and shoot people, usually muslims. John was promoted to sergeant, which means that there were people even dumber than he was in the military. What a terrifying thought!

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Anyway, John was on leave and he saw a woman with some guys and the woman dropped her purse in the water. John didn't know her. But nonetheless he dove into the deep water to recover her purse.

Her name is Savannah and she is very grateful. She and John spend some time together.  She works for Habitat for Humanity building homes for people who don't want to pay for their own homes and want other people to build it for them for free.

John and Savannah spend more time together and eventually she meets John's Dad. She understands he is a retard who can only talk about coins so she asks to see his coin collection. This pleased John's dad immensely because it was the only subject his poor brain could talk about. John learns from Savannah that her dad is autistic, a form of mental retardation, and if he wants to have any relationship with his dad he has to talk to him about his dumb coins.

At first John gets angry when Savannah calls her Dad a retard but then he realizes she is right. His Dad is a retard, and John is the son of a retard, meaning he has some retard in him too.

After having a lot of platonic fun together they actually kiss. Amazing.

Anyway, when they argue about John's Dad being a retard, Savannah's guy friends hear the argument and come over. One of them grabs John and John beats the shit out of him.

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