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Eleanor Oliphant is a woman who works as some kind of unimportant clerk in an office environment. She's kind of a retard and lives alone.

She goes to a doctor because of back pain. She thinks her breasts are too heavy. Eleanor has actually put her breasts on a scale and weighed them, heh heh.

Then she goes to a v_gina shaving establishment and pays to have her v_gina shaved. This is the very best part of the book. Everything after this scene is purely crap. Sorry, I'm just telling the truth.

Eleanor takes off her clothes and a woman comes in and has Eleanor spread her legs wide in a lesbian pose and then shaves off her v_gina hair. Then she takes some wax and strips off the remainder. Eleanor finds it very painful but enjoys it at the same time, feeling another woman's hands on her v_gina. Why couldn't the rest of the book be like this?

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But then afterwards Eleanor gets upset because she finds that all her v_gina hair is gone. They even removed all the hair around her asshole. Eleanor expected to have some v_gina hair left over. She's also disappointed to find her asshole completely nude. Yes, this is all talked about in the book.

Eleanor got her v_gina hair removed in anticipation of being boned by her boyfriend Johnnie. Johnnie is a local musician. Eleanor has never met Johnnie and Johnnie has never heard of Eleanor. But Eleanor is so convinced that Johnnie is going to bone her that she gets her v_gina hair removed.  Johnnie is her imaginary boyfriend. She feels that she is in a relationship with him because she follows him on Twitter.

Eleanor lives alone and buys a lot of vodka to get drunk.

Eleanor's mother calls her every week. She's a real bitch and Eleanor hates talking to her. She's locked up in some kind of institution.

One day Eleanor is walking home with a coworker named Raymond. They see an old man collapse on the street. They call an ambulance and take him to the hospital where Eleanor and Raymond visit him repeatedly. His name is Sammy. Sammy's only purpose for existing is to provide a vehicle for Eleanor and Raymond to get to know each other. Why should Eleanor and Raymond care in the slightest about Sammy, a complete stranger? They find themselves going over to his house and getting involved in his boring life, which is about to end soon anyway.

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