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Maria is a young woman in Brazil who really enjoys sex and rubbing her own v_gina.

Maria's life in Brazil has been haunted by a guy we'll call pencil boy. One time a boy tried to come on to her by asking her for a pencil. She gave him the pencil but was then disappointed when he didn't try to bone her. Maria for years afterwards was disappointed in herself that she didn't try get banged by pencil boy, a repeated theme in this book--that Maria feels she has to pursue guys to get boned.

We see this theme again when another boy tried to put his tongue in her mouth and Maria resisted. She saw the boy several days later banging another woman and Maria realized once again that she had missed an opportunity to be banged. This fueled an intense interest in Maria to spread her legs to be boned.

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One day Maria woke up to find blood between her legs and her sheets all bloodied. Her mother smiled at that, enjoying the thought of cleaning all the v_gina blood from her sheets. She gave Maria a "pillow" to put between her legs. Maybe the pillow would help Maria's v_gina sleep better at night, heh heh.

Maria got a lot of pleasure from rubbing her v_gina, and in fact did it in public a lot until her father slapped her when he saw her rubbing her v_gina like a magic lamp. Maria realized then that it wasn't ok to rub your v_gina in the middle of the street.

Maria especially enjoyed rubbing her clitoris.

"She began touching it and found she couldn't stop. The feelings provoked were so strong and pleasurable, and her whole body--particularly the part she was touching--became tense.  After a while she began to enter a kind of paradise, the feelings grew in intensity, until she noticed she could no longer see or hear clearly, everything seemed to be tinged in yellow, and then she moaned with pleasure and had her first orgasm."

This is very hot stuff!

Wait, there's more:

"It was like floating up to heaven and parachuting down to earth again. Her body was drenched with sweat but she felt complete, full of energy. So that was what sex was! How wonderful!"

But Maria drew some conclusions from this:

"And no need for a man, who liked a woman's body, but had no time for her feelings. She could do it on her own! She did it again and again before her mother came home."

Maria talked to her friends about the joys of rubbing her v_gina. She's really into it. She likes it better than sex with men.

But she experimented with men anyway, having several bone her. One boy didn't want to bone her so she threatened to accuse him of rape unless he banged her. He obeyed. But Maria found she didn't enjoy the sex like she did when she rubbed her own v_gina. This puzzled Maria greatly.

Maria meets a guy from Switzerland who promises to take her back to Switzerland and pay her a lot of money to be a dancer. Maria knows nothing about this guy, but agrees to go with him. She remembers the missed opportunity to get boned by pencil boy and doesn't want to turn down anything life has to offer.

Maria brings the Switzerland  guy to her parents. Her father is upset that she is going to Switzerland with a complete stranger who is much older than her. But her gold digging mother thinks it is great because the Switzerland guy is rich, and that women should marry for money, not love.

When Maria gets to Switzerland she does indeed become a dancer, which surprises me, as I thought she was going to be pushed into a life of prostitution. But the Swiss guy lied to her about the salary and pays her almost nothing. Maria threatens to go to a lawyer and the Swiss guy lets her leave and gives her a few thousand dollars.

Maria looks for jobs but can't find anything. Then an Arab offers her a thousand francs to let him bone her.

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