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Plot Summary Part 1

Mary is a Puritan in Massachusetts in the 1600's. Her husband is Joseph, a minister. Mary has a friend named Bess who is pregnant. But Bess will not tell anyone who boned her. This makes the other Puritans think Bess is not very pure. Mary helps pull the baby out of Bess's v_gina. While she does so, she yells at Bess to confess the name of the father. It's funny watching Mary delivering  a baby while interrogating the Momma.

When the baby is born they notice something different about it. It is black. But Bess is not black. Where did that come from? Evidently a slave named Silvanus. You can immediately tell he's a slave because his name rhymes with "anus". So this upsets everyone because Puritans are not supposed to have sex with black slaves named Silvanus.

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This sex-with-the-black-man storyline of chapter 1 has absolutely nothing to do with the plot of the rest of this book so let's get on with it, shall we? Indians come and attack the village. Mary sees her sister Elizabeth killed by an Indian.  An Indian takes Elizabeth's baby and smashes its head against the side of the house until its head splits open, wack wack wack! It's like an abortion, only several months later.

An Indian grabs Mary's hair and smells it and starts to chew on it. Yum yum! Then Mary is taken prisoner. She was identified as the wife of the minister and a high value hostage. Mary is taken on a long march along with other captives. She carries her daughter Sarah who was shot in the bowels. Sarah uses her bowels uses to squeeze out shit. Now she has a new hole to pass it through as well. Mary puts spit and dirt into Sarah's wound, but Sarah dies a few days later. Maybe Mary didn't put enough spit and dirt into the wound, heh heh.

Mary is put up at auction and sold, as a slave, to an important Indian named Weetamoo. Moooo! Even though Weetamoo is a woman she is in charge of the tribe. Didn't you know that women Indians were in charge of American Indian tribes? If you believe this book they are.

Weetamoo treats Mary poorly, like a slave, because Mary is a slave. She makes Mary do chores, she slaps Mary in the face, makes Mary sleep in the snow, and gives Mary very little food.

Mary's son Joss and daughter Marie were also taken as slaves. Mary doesn't see much of them.

Weetamoo tells Mary that she smells like shit and tells her to take a bath. Mary says bathing will make her sick. I think she got this bit of health information from the same book that told her to put spit and dirt into festering wounds.

In a scene straight out of a lesbo porn film, some lady Indians start to strip Mary of her clothing. Then she is compelled to remove the rest, while other Indians play sexy drum music. Ok, there is no sexy drum music, but Mary takes a bath.

When Mary is not doing chores she is given the freedom to wander around the Indian camp. She has many opportunities for escape but takes none of them. She meets an Indian who speaks English. His name is James. James used to live with white people, but now claims he too is a prisoner of the Indians. James doesn't really seem to be a prisoner of the other Indians, but he claims to be.

Mary's Puritan panties immediately get wet whenever she sees James. James gives her a bible as a gift, when she really needs a dildo.

Mary meets another prisoner who says they should escape together. She tells Mary that they are only 30 miles from a nearby town. Mary says that is much too far to go; that's about a two day walk.

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