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Mary: Mary is a Puritan woman living in 17th century colonial times. She is married to Joseph, a minister. One day American Indians come raiding and take her away. She is made a slave to the Indians. At first she hates it but later learns to love it. Her nipples get hard every time she sees James (see below).


Joseph: Joseph is Mary's husband. He's a minister and portrayed as a cold hearted son of a bitch, controlling Mary while showing no warmth or empathy. He won't even bone her anymore when she returns from Indian captivity, and by the time he changes his mind Mary's vaj has already run dry.


James: James is an American Indian who speaks English and is sympathetic to Mary. Mary gets a female boner every time she sees James. They have an emotional romance but never get past the hand holding stage.

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Weetamoo: Moooo! Weetamoo is an American Indian who is Mary's slave master. Weetamoo treats Mary poorly, starving her, beating her, making her sleep out in the cold, and treating her badly in general. Mary remembers the experience fondly.


Joss: Joss is Mary's son. He is captured by the American Indians and likes it so much that he decides to become one.


Increase Mather: Increase Mather is a priest who pushes Mary to write about her experiences being captive of the Indians. Increase is married to a woman named Multiply, and they have children named Divide, Subtract, and Fractions. Ok, don't believe the previous sentence. It's just such a nutty name that I couldn't resist.

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