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Plot Summary Part 4

Joseph claims this is a gift from God and she should thank the Lord for it. Mary asks Joseph if they can adopt an Indian baby. Joseph looks at her like she's gone nuts.

Mary's daughter Marie tells Mary about her fond memories of being an Indian slave. Marie loved being a slave to the Indians too.

Mary learns that her slave mistress Weetamoo is dead, drowned in a river. This upsets her because she enjoyed being starved, enslaved, and beaten by Weetamoo.

Joseph gets drunk and pulls Mary's head into his lap. Mary is worried that Joseph wants her to suck his dick. Mary pulls away, disgusted.

Mary sees James again. They have one more platonic moment together. Her panties get wet again. Then he leaves.

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Joseph dies. He gets killed by a meat pie. While he's eating a meat pie.

Mary is so happy. Now she can get James to bone her. She thanks God for meat pie.

Then she marries some white guy name Samuel who she doesn't love. Does any of this make sense to you?

Mary sees James one last time. They have one final moment where they platonically express their love for each other, and live unhappily ever after.

The end.

Literary Criticism:

This was not merely a bad book; I have read many, many bad books. This book was in a class of its own. It was a truly terrible book. Let's go through the reasons why:

1) Science fiction Indians. The Indians in this book were space aliens. They bore no resemblance to historical American Indians. Historical American Indians not only took women captive, but guess what, they raped them. American Indians were also never ruled by women. Think of all the names of famous American Indian chiefs. None of them were women.

2) Glorifying enslavement to the Indians. This book tried, and failed to glorify being enslaved to Indians. It made absolutely no sense. Mary was starved, beaten, forced to carry heavy things, and froze in the cold while her master slept in a warm teepee. Yet we are told that Mary was happy being a slave. That does not compute. There is no explanation how Mary could possibly be happy being a slave to the Indians. We are told Mary fell in love with the Indian culture, but her participation in it was as a slave.

3) No romance. The closest thing to romance this book had were scenes of Mary wetting herself while having platonic conversations with James. There's a word for that. It's called boring. So Mary did not have sex with James. Then she is returned to Joseph, where she doesn't have sex with him. But then she sees James again, and after spending 300 pages falling in love with him, continues not to have sex with James. As a romance novel, without any real romance, this book was a total failure.

4) What was this book about? The first third showed Mary enslaved; the second two thirds showed her moping around, being unhappy to have been liberated from her slavery. Once Mary was rescued, the story basically ground to a halt. I think the author was trying to write a pro-American Indian book of propaganda, but it was written in such a boring, nothing happening, nothing makes sense way that the entire book is simply terrible.

There, now, aren't you at least glad that you read the summary of a terrible book, rather than the terrible book yourself? It's like I've saved you at least three hours of your life that you can spend more productively now. I feel good about this, and I suspect you do too.

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