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 Some people like being slaves. Mary had many, many opportunities for escape. She was unguarded and never far from British settlements. But she liked being a slave to the Indians. Either that or because she desperately wanted James to bone her, she was willing to remain a slave. Being slapped in the face, starved, and forced to freeze in the cold, were no problem compared to the joy of dancing and walking around a bunch of teepees.


White people bad, Indians good! Sure, the Indians committed some atrocities in the beginning. Bashing that baby's head against the side of the house until his skull split open like a ripe melon comes to mind. But after Mary is taken captive, she learns the joy of American Indian culture. When she goes home, she finds Indian culture superior to Puritan culture. Indians were happier, could dance, and wander around the forest, even if they were starving and freezing.

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Indians are a feminist collective. Indian tribes were ruled by women. And space aliens. Because if one is true, the other must be. In reality, no Indian tribes were ever ruled by women.

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