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Georgia O'Keeffe is a relatively unknown 30 year old painter living in Texas in the early 1900's. She comes to New York and seduces the famous photographer, Alfred Stieglitz. Or maybe he seduces her, but in the first scene where they are introduced together we see Georgia kissing him, pressing her breasts against his chest, and doing practically everything but impregnating herself on him. Stieglitz is turned on by this, but Stieglitz's wife and daughter, less so.

Georgia is ok with rubbing her pussy against a married man because she thinks they have a special art connection--since art gives both of them healthy orgasms, they are entitled to ignore inconvenient things like marriage to other people.

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Georgia returns to Texas. Stieglitz sends her sexy letters where he talks about boning her and squirting a baby into her virgin cooch. This kind of flowery writing convinces Georgia to return to New York so Stieglitz can commit adultery with her on a full-time basis.

She's barely off the train before they are rolling around in the hay, thinking that she wants to "pull all of him inside" of her. What a slut! Stieglitz squeezes Georgia's artistic breasts and then sucks on her nips. Did I mention that this book has sex scenes? Did I mention that this book has A LOT of sex scenes? Well, it does.

But Stieglitz refuses to bone Georgia. Why? He's a married man! Sticking his cock into her v_gina would be adultery! But kissing, squeezing her breasts, and fingering her... well, who could object to that? That was Stieglitz's way of staying faithful to Mrs. Stieglitz.

Then they have sex again. And again. And again. This book is just full of sex scenes. Only it's not adultery, in Stieglitz 's view, because Stieglitz still refuses to schlong her. Instead he puts his fingers in her twat and bites on her nips. Georgia's "head explodes with light". You'd think she'd never had an orgasm before.

Then after fingering Georgia to orgasm, Stieglitz takes the opportunity to take some nudie photos of her to add to his collection.

Stieglitz brings Georgia to his home, only to find something surprising there: his wife. What is his wife doing at home? Stieglitz seems genuinely surprised. When Mrs. Stieglitz sees Georgia, she does not think of how faithful Stieglitz has been, putting only his hand inside Georgia's pussy rather than his schlong. For some reason, Georgia's presence actually upsets Mrs. Stieglitz.

As Georgia left their home, she hears Mrs. Stieglitz give a long painful scream which made me laugh. Heh heh heh.

Mrs. Stieglitz kicks Stieglitz out and Stieglitz files for divorce. Stieglitz goes to Mrs. Stieglitz and explains how he has to bone Georgia because they are artists and connect in a way that he and Mrs. Stieglitz never can. Stieglitz claims his wife understands this. Do you believe that?

Stieglitz finally bones Georgia. But when he finally sticks his p_nis into her v_gina, he finds an unexpected barrier--Georgia's hymen!

Georgia is almost 30 years old and still has an intact hymen. She's never been boned by a guy before. What is up with that? This is never explained. Was she a lesbo? The book does not say.

Anyway, when Stieglitz encounters her hymen, he rams through it like a drill, and blood spurts everywhere like a horror film. When he is done drilling her, Stieglitz gets Georgia a bandage to put on her v_gina like it's an open wound, heh heh.

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