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Georgia O'Keeffe: Georgia is a famous painter. She meets an old married guy named Stieglitz who is a famous photographer, and lets him bone her. They get married once they dispose of Stieglitz's inconvenient wife, but then Stieglitz starts to bone other women and Georgia doesn't like that. By the way, can it be a total coincidence that "O'Keeffe" is suspiciously similar to "Queef", the word for v_gina farts? I don't think so.


Alfred Stieglitz: Stieglitz is a famous photographer because he takes porn photos of naked women. Remember that this is the 1920's and porn hasn't been invented yet, so nude photos of women, even of the most basic kind, get men excited. He passionately loves Georgia, but sticks his dick in a wide variety of other chicks too.

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Dorothy: Stieglitz's art manager. He is one of the many women that Stieglitz bones.


Beck: Another one of Stieglitz's conquests. Beck, by the way, is a woman; Stieglitz doesn't do guys' asses.

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