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Plot Summary Part 3

Stieglitz is so artistic! He has taken a photo of a woman with aroused nipples! What a genius, she realizes. No one else has ever thought to do this.

Georgia gets so excited at this photo and then Stieglitz comes over and rubs fingers in her vaj, talking about the various lesbo things Georgia can do to Beck and Beck can do to Georgia. he suggests Georgia lick Beck's vaj.

Stieglitz gets more suggestive as he turns Georgia over and they have sex on the kitchen sink again. Squirt, squirt squirt! That's art for you!

Later, Stieglitz chases Georgia across the house, tackles her, and bones her on the floor. These two can't get enough! Georgia enjoys rubbing Stieglitz's sperm on her belly.

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Stieglitz does another art showing of Georgia's tits and vaj. Georgia is horrified by all the sexy things people say about her tits and vaj that she is exposing to the world, while at the very same time she is benefitting from it getting exposure for her own art.

Georgia gets jealous of Stieglitz's assistant Marie. She sees the way Marie sits on his lap and cuddles with him in front of her.

Georgia realizes that Stieglitz will never get her pregnant because he does not want to, feeling it will interfere with her art. This makes no sense to me because he has already filled her with 500 gallons of his sperm, and he doesn't use birth control.

Georgia goes away to Maine because she suspects Stieglitz is boning Marie.

Whenever Georgia leaves, Stieglitz writes her long emotional letters every day like a little boy at summer camp. He obviously misses her, but that still doesn't stop him from boning other women.

Georgia realizes that by encouraging Stieglitz to take nude photos of other women and leaving him alone for months at a time, she has also encouraged him to bone other women.

Then she comes back to Lake George to find out that Stieglitz sort-of boned Beck. This upsets Georgia even as she facilitated the connection.

Georgia makes money selling her own paintings, for the first time, not just the photos of her nudie vaj and boobs.

Georgia finally marries Stieglitz, even though she knows he bones other women.

They have yet more sex. "He runs his mouth along the inside of my thigh and kisses that spot between my legs until I cry out and stuff my face into the pillow, my mind rinses, breathless. He lowers his weight onto me. I grip his back and pull him deeper in."

Stieglitz takes nude photos of other young girls. Georgia catches him kissing one of them. Georgia gets angry with Stieglitz. Georgia makes up with Stieglitz.

Georgia gets the titty disease. Doctors cut off part of her boobs and now she has weird, deformed breasts.

Stieglitz makes an anonymous purchase of some of Georgia's paintings, to make it look like her paintings are valuable and generate more sales. It works. This is another example of art fraud. There is nothing special about Georgia's works, it is all perception.

Georgia specializes in painting flowers, and cow skulls in the desert. Yes, cow skulls in the desert. It's more than a little disgusting. But since Georgia is the one doing it, she must be brilliant, we are told.

Stieglitz gives a woman named Dorothy one of his nude photos of Georgia, and this tells Georgia immediately that Stieglitz is boning her.

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