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Fingering is not adultery. Stieglitz refuses to bone Georgia while he is still married to someone else, but instead only fingers her, feeling that this is not a betrayal.


Adultery is the same as travel to New Mexico. When Stieglitz is married to Georgia but bones other women while Georgia is away, he says that he is just satisfying his needs. Stieglitz points out that Georgia satisfies her needs by going to paint in New Mexico, and he satisfies his needs by boning young women. Clearly the same thing, right?


Mind Control is a form of birth control. Stieglitz fills Georgia with rivers of sperm but is accused by Georgia of never trying to impregnate her. He is never described as using birth control. Stieglitz must be using some sort of mind ray to sterilize his sperm just before they enter Georgia's crotch.

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Art is fake. Georgia is an unremarkable artist until she is attached to Stieglitz, who is famous. And even then Georgia does not become a famous artist until her nudie photos are spread around. If Georgia didn't have sexy tits or flaunt her vaj to the world, I think that she would never have become a renown painter of florals and cow bones.


Art gives artists Artgasisms. Artists get artgasms just looking at brushstrokes and colors on a canvas. Look at that horizontal stroke! How profound! How amazing! It's unlike any other brushstroke anyone else could have done!

Two easy ways to get your husband to commit adultery. Georgia says she hates the fact that Stieglitz bones other women. Yet she encourages him to photograph other women in the nude and spends months away from him in New Mexico. How dumb is that?

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